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0006528OCamltypingpublic2014-08-30 01:012017-03-14 08:37
Assigned Togarrigue 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version4.01.0 
Target VersionlaterFixed in Version 
Summary0006528: type constraints alter signatures in unusual ways
DescriptionI'm not sure exactly what to call this (or if this is in fact a bug) but the following two compilation errors surprised me and seem related: In the first, a value is annotated as having a type exactly as it appears in the signature. That type-checks, but the module still fails to compile.

$ rlwrap ocaml
        OCaml version 4.01.0

# module M : sig
    type 'a t constraint 'a = [< `Foo of _]
    val create : 'a -> 'a t
    end = struct
    type 'a t = 'a constraint 'a = [< `Foo of _]
    let create : 'a. 'a -> 'a t = fun x -> x
Error: Signature mismatch:
       Values do not match:
         val create : ([< `Foo of 'b ] as 'a) -> 'a t
       is not included in
         val create : ([< `Foo of 'b & 'c ] as 'a) -> 'a t

In the second, you are not allowed to replace one type constraints with the same type and the same constraints:

$ rlwrap ocaml
        OCaml version 4.01.0

# module type S = sig type 'a t constraint 'a = [< `Foo of _] end;;
module type S = sig type 'a t constraint 'a = [< `Foo of 'b ] end
# module type S' = sig include S include S with type 'a t := 'a t end;;
Error: In this `with' constraint, the new definition of t
       does not match its original definition in the constrained signature:
       Type declarations do not match:
         type 'a t = 'a t constraint 'a = [< `Foo of 'b & 'c & 'd ]
       is not included in
         type 'a t constraint 'a = [< `Foo of 'b ]
       Their constraints differ.

(Obviously, in that example, in real life it wouldn't be the same signature twice but two different signatures still having the same constraint on their type.)
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lpw25 (developer)
2015-05-11 23:07
edited on: 2015-05-11 23:08

Reminder sent to: garrigue

@garrigue Could you take a look at this? In particular, should it be postponed until after 4.02.2?

garrigue (manager)
2015-05-11 23:46

Unification on types with only an upper bound can be tricky.
I suppose the way to fix it is to handle polymorphic variant types in type definitions the way they are handle in pattern matching, but this means some large changes, so delay this at least until 4.03.
garrigue (manager)
2017-03-14 08:37

Proving the equality for these types would require a new algorithm detecting that these types are actually equivalent because the type variables do not appear anywhere else in the types.
Worse, the general case would require finding in the whole type that two type variables are undistinguishable.
So this is not an implementation problem: one first has to come around with a proved algorithm to do that...
For this reason we can only say that such constraints (where the type variable is not bound elsewhere) are unsupported.

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