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0006550OCamlcompiler driverpublic2014-09-10 15:562017-03-10 13:45
Assigned Toshinwell 
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Summary0006550: Making an empty .cmxa fails on MacOS
DescriptionThe command

  ocamlopt -a -o foo.cmxa

works on Linux, but gives an error message from "ar" on MacOSX because Darwin's "ar" command does not allow adding zero files to an archive (stupid MacOSX).
Additional InformationOne way to create an empty archive is:

  ar rc foo.a /dev/null
  ar d foo.a null

but it really hurts my sensibility to have to hack around such a problem. Does anybody have a more elegant solution?

I think I'll report this to Apple as an "ar" bug.
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doligez (administrator)
2014-10-10 15:55

Turns out that I already reported this to Apple in 2005, and they closed my report without comment.

Also, to create an empty archive that will not trigger a compiler/linker warning:

  ar rc foo.a /dev/null
  ranlib foo.a 2>/dev/null
  ar d foo.a /dev/null
xleroy (administrator)
2015-12-06 18:15

Macports and Homebrew both have a binutils package that provides the GNU sensible implementation of "ar", but it is installed under the name "gar".

How often do we need to create empty .cmxa libraries? I move to suspend this PR.
gasche (administrator)
2015-12-06 18:18

We never need to do this, but some OCaml programmers have a problem when they do something not-really-necessary that happens to do this (for example, have configure switches to decide which packages to include in a `foo.mllib` file, such that under some configurations the list ends up being empty), and do not see any issue as they test under Linux. Then some OSX user reports that their package build is broken, and pain ensues.
shinwell (developer)
2017-03-10 13:45

Moved to [^]

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