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0007109OCamldocumentationpublic2015-12-28 15:452017-02-16 15:18
Assigned Togasche 
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Target VersionFixed in Version4.03.0+dev / +beta1 
Summary0007109: Bigarray 'type kind' documentation bad layout since 4.02
Description [^] vs [^]

In 4.02 the comment seems to be associated with the last variant, and not the type as the whole, and the documentation is rendered in an unpleasant way
Additional InformationFrom #ocaml:
octachron: edwin, as an information complement, the problem is with the new association rule for docstring comment on constructors
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lpw25 (developer)
2015-12-28 16:05

The addition of GADT constructors changed the comment association. It needs a (empty) doc comment on the last constructor.
octachron (developer)
2015-12-28 16:14

Adding an empty doc comment on the last constructor fixes the association problem. However, the empty comment is printed in the html documentation as "(* *)" which is quite unsastifying.
lpw25 (developer)
2015-12-28 18:36
edited on: 2015-12-28 18:38

Damn ocamldoc is annoying. IIRC a blank *non-documentation* comment may do the trick -- since type comments can follow regular comments but constructor comments can't. It may be simpler to just put the comment before the type, or to add genuine documentation to the constructors.

octachron (developer)
2015-12-28 18:59

Unfortunately, inserting a blank normal comment detaches the documentation comment. As a solution, I have proposed to erase empty constructor comments in ocamldoc itself in [^]
lpw25 (developer)
2015-12-28 23:23

> inserting a blank normal comment detaches the documentation comment

Oh yes, I forgot that the comment thing only works *before* a definition (because why would the rules be consistent).

The new documentation handling in the main parser removes these inconsistencies but unfortunately still suffers from the original issue of associating comments after variant definitions. Although at least codoc will drop empty comments.
gasche (administrator)
2015-12-29 13:15

Fixed in trunk by [^]

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