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0007233OCamltypingpublic2016-04-19 18:292017-09-24 17:33
Assigned Togarrigue 
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Target VersionFixed in Version4.04.0 +dev / +beta1 / +beta2 
Summary0007233: Support GADT equations on non-local abstract types
DescriptionCurrently matching on a GADT can only introduce equations on locally abstract types. It would be useful if they could also add equations to other abstract types. For example:

  type (_, _) eq = Refl : ('a, 'a) eq

  module type S = sig
    type t
    val eql : (t, int) eq

  module F (M : S) = struct

      let zero : M.t =
        let Refl = M.eql in


Currently, the above is an error:

  Error: This expression has type int but an expression was expected of type

Mostly such cases can be worked around by introducing a locally abstract type, but it is an unnecessary chore and can require code duplication.
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lpw25 (developer)
2016-04-19 18:32

I remember Jacques mentioning that he would like to add support for this, but I couldn't find an actual Mantis issue for it, so I thought I would create one to track the issue.

I also considered having a go at adding support myself, by I wasn't entirely confident of what was required. Jacques, do you have a clear idea of what needs to be done?
garrigue (manager)
2016-04-29 01:27

One has to update the environment to add equations deeply inside modules.
An extra difficulty is that open can duplicate definitions, without keeping the sharing.
Actually, the work of Frédéric on implicit resolution is related to this, as he ends up modifying the environment.
I would rather do that together or after.
garrigue (manager)
2016-05-12 10:13

Actually, the (rather simple) changes in GPR 0000578 have made this almost trivial.
See GPR #579 for a seemingly working implementation. [^]

Anybody willing to torture it?

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