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0007253OCamlstandard librarypublic2016-05-10 11:082018-05-23 19:53
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Product Version4.03.0 
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Summary0007253: at_exit functions get called twice if a callback raises and prevents earlier handlers to execute.
DescriptionThe behaviour in case of an [at_exit] callback raising is a little bit suboptimal (slightly related to 0007178):

1. A raising callback prevents callbacks registered earlier to be executed.
2. A raising callback and all the callbacks that come after get called twice.
Steps To Reproduce(* 1. prevents callbacks from running *)

# let () = at_exit (fun () -> print_endline "Once";);;
# let () = at_exit (fun () -> print_endline "Twice"; raise Exit);;
# ^D
Fatal error: exception Pervasives.Exit

(* 2. Double calls *)

# let () = at_exit (fun () -> print_endline "Twice"; raise Exit);;
# let () = at_exit (fun () -> print_endline "Once";);;
# ^D
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related to 0007796resolvedxleroy "at_exit" function run twice with cleanup-at-exit runtime option 

-  Notes
dbuenzli (reporter)
2016-05-10 11:19

Forgot to add, this is not a toplevel problem. The problem also occurs on executables.
dbuenzli (reporter)
2016-05-10 11:30
edited on: 2016-05-10 11:30

The fix doesn't seem too hard: the call to the callbacks in the chaining should be protected by handler here: [^]

The double call is likely to come from the call to Pervasives.do_at_exit by on unhandled exception: [^]

So if at_exit chaining properly catches exceptions and prints them I guess the double call should disappear.

dexterph (reporter)
2016-06-01 11:12

The double calls do disappear, however there is no clear way to print an exception from within at_exit in Pervasives. I think a more complicated change would need to happen.
dbuenzli (reporter)
2016-07-11 13:19

So I have a fix for this which works so that each uncaught exception in at_exit functions get reported. However this slightly changes the semantics of the callback set by Printexc.set_uncaught_exception_handler function (introduced in 4.02) since it is supposed there that:

"Note that when fn is called all the functions registered with at_exit have already been called. Because of this you must make sure any output channel fn writes on is flushed."

With this fix, the "have already been called" becomes "may already have been called", since I try to call the at_exit handlers as much as possible until one raises in which case I record the raise, handle the uncaught exception and then handle the at_exit function uncaught exception using the same mechanism.

This could be one option. However I also have the feeling that this way of operating makes it less easy to understand what is happening, for example:

# let () = at_exit (fun () -> print_endline "bla");;
# let () = at_exit (fun () -> raise Exit);;
# let () = at_exit (fun () -> print_endline "bli");;
# let () = at_exit (fun () -> failwith "HEY");;
# ^D
Fatal error: exception Failure("HEY")
Raised at file "", line 32, characters 22-33
Called from file "", line 519, characters 35-39
Called from file "", line 527, characters 4-17
Called from file "toplevel/", line 547, characters 21-27
Called from file "toplevel/", line 16, characters 8-22
Fatal error: exception Pervasives.Exit
Raised at file "//toplevel//", line 1, characters 34-38
Called from file "", line 519, characters 35-39
Called from file "", line 263, characters 12-36

So here bli gets printed first because HEY gets uncaught, we try to call as much as possible the at_exit handlers, which leads bli to get called, then Exit is uncaught, so we print HEY and start the uncaught loop for Exit, which leads bla to get called and finally Exit to be printed.

Now it would be as easy and possible to execute and print this in the natural order. So my question is what was the rationale behind calling at_exit functions before the handler ? Would it be a problem to change the semantics so that:

"Note that when fn is called all functions that are registered with at_exit that have not been called yet will be called after the call to the handler" ?
dbuenzli (reporter)
2016-07-12 19:11

A fix is proposed in [^] W.r.t. to my previous message it is the version that tries to retain a natural call order w.r.t. to effects.
shinwell (developer)
2016-12-08 10:51

@dbuenzli: Has there been any further progress on this? GPR#685 appears to have been closed without being merged.
dbuenzli (reporter)
2016-12-08 12:32

No. I closed it because it was not a good solution.
shinwell (developer)
2016-12-08 12:38

Do you want to keep this Mantis issue open or not?
dbuenzli (reporter)
2016-12-08 12:40

Well it is an issue no ?
xleroy (administrator)
2018-05-21 11:38

Alternate fix proposed here: [^]
xleroy (administrator)
2018-05-23 19:53

Merged [^] It fixes
- issue 2 (A raising callback and all the callbacks that come after get called twice)
- some cases of issue 1 (if there is only one raising callback, the callbacks registered earlier will be executed; if one of those raises again, the callbacks registered earlier than that one will not run).

I'll let @dbuenzli decide whether to keep this Mantis issue open.

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