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0007320OCamltypingpublic2016-08-05 15:572017-04-14 16:46
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Summary0007320: Relaxing the value restriction some more
DescriptionRelaxing the value restriction some more

If I write this:
# let f =
  let now = ref 0 in
  fun () -> now, ref []
val f : unit -> int ref * '_a list ref = <fun>

the type f is not generalized. But I don't name the intermediate value:

# let f =
  ref 0;
  fun () -> ref 0, ref []
val f : unit -> int ref * 'a list ref = <fun>

or I name it at toplevel:
# let now = ref 0
  let f = fun () -> now, ref []
val f : unit -> int ref * 'a list ref = <fun>

then the type is generalized.

It would be nice if, when I want to write something like the first snippet, I didn't have to write something like the third snippet instead, to work around the value restriction.

I think [let x = e1 in e2] should be generalized by saying:
- if e1 is non-expansive, then generalize the type of the whole expression
- otherwise, go down recursively in e2 to try to generalize it (the level mechanism would prevent generalization of the variables shared with the type of e1)

ie when an expression is not non-expansive, instead of giving up on generalizing it, try to generalize the non-expansive parts of it instead.

This would make all 3 examples behave the same.
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