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0007533OCamlback end (clambda to assembly)public2017-05-12 22:382017-05-15 10:34
Assigned Toshinwell 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version4.04.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0007533: Wrong code generation of e / e' and e mod e' with effectful e
DescriptionConsider the examples

  (int_of_string "") / (let e = let w = false in () in 0)
  (int_of_string "") / (List.hd [0])

At runtime the dividend throws an exception and the divisor evaluates to 0.
Under call-by-value, I expect the dividend to be evaluated before attempting a division. This agrees with the bytecode backend's output:

  Fatal error: exception Failure("int_of_string")

However with the native code backend I get:

  Fatal error: exception Division_by_zero

thereby removing the effect of the dividend.

I believe the problem is in asmcomp/, line 410-414,
when the divisor is sufficiently complex to not hit (or get constant folded to hit) the earlier cases:

  | (c1, c2) ->
        bind "divisor" c2 (fun c2 ->
                      Cop(Cdivi, [c1; c2], dbg),
                      raise_symbol dbg "caml_exn_Division_by_zero"))

Note how c1 never gets evaluated when we branch on the result of c2 and it is 0.

There is a similar problem with 'mod' (replacing '/' with 'mod' in the examples):

  (int_of_string "") mod (let e = let w = false in () in 0)
  (int_of_string "") mod (List.hd [0])

and the code generation case for mod in asmcomp/, line 446-450.

This is confirmed and reproducable on version 4.04.1 under Debian and 4.04.0 under OSX.

Note, these two issues are different from MPR#7201 (fixed in GPR#954) which concerned how the native code backend removed a Division_by_zero in the 0 / e and 0 mod e cases.
Steps To Reproduce$ echo '(int_of_string "") / (let e = let w = false in () in 0)' >
$ ocamlopt -o div.native
$ ocamlc -o div.byte
$ ./div.native
Fatal error: exception Division_by_zero
$ ./div.byte
Fatal error: exception Failure("int_of_string")

$ echo '(int_of_string "") mod (let e = let w = false in () in 0)' >
$ ocamlopt -o mod.native
$ ocamlc -o mod.byte
$ ./mod.native
Fatal error: exception Division_by_zero
$ ./mod.byte
Fatal error: exception Failure("int_of_string")
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shinwell (developer)
2017-05-15 09:36

Thanks for the report, I will look at this.
shinwell (developer)
2017-05-15 10:34

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