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0000766OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2001-12-30 23:442002-01-09 20:41
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Summary0000766: [ocaml-3.04] Error with 'make camlp4optopt' on OS X 10.1.2
DescriptionGreetings, thanks for all the excellent work on ocaml. This is a tiny
bug report on building under OS X, 10.1.2. While I've composed this,
I'll also mention in passing that although strongly attracted to the
great technical capabilities of ocaml -- wide platform support,
brilliant compiler, good libraries and community -- I am still avoiding
significant use of ocaml with a key reason being the very heavy
syntax. Compared to languages like Lisp, Python, and Haskell for
example, I find ocaml more difficult to remember and visually
distracting (eg. the reliance on the overly black ';' character where
spaces, commas or periods might be used in other languages.) I have
been through this pull-push ambivalence several times with ocaml and not
yet convinced myself to work with it very much. I hope you will
consider an eventual migration to a lighter, more easy to remember and
visually appealing syntax -- to better complement ocaml's many other
great features.

Best regards,


Bug report:

Building ocaml-3.04 on OS X 10.1.2, there seems to be a problem making

This is triggered with
    make opt.opt
which makes that one additional target,

    opt.opt: ocamlc.opt ocamlopt.opt ocamllex.opt camlp4optopt

Note: that the directions in the INSTALL file for building separately
don't mention that target:
         make ocamlc.opt # to build a native-code version of
         make ocamlopt.opt # to build a native-code version of
         make ocamllex.opt # to build a native-code version of
         make opt.opt # to build all of them

so I only encountered the error when doing 'make opt.opt'

The log follows. Everything builds find until the 'make camp4optopt'
command. Let me know if you would like the rest of the build logs.

% ./configure >> & /tmp/o.log
% make world >> & /tmp/o.log
% make bootstrap >> & /tmp/o.log
% make opt >> & /tmp/o.log
% make ocamlc.opt >> & /tmp/o.log
% make ocamlopt.opt >> & /tmp/o.log
% make ocamllex.opt >> & /tmp/o.log
% make camlp4optopt

cd camlp4; make optp4
set -e; for i in lib odyl camlp4 meta etc; do cd $i; make opt; cd ..;
make[2]: Nothing to be done for `opt'.
cp odyl_config.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../../ocamlopt -I ../../stdlib -I
../../otherlibs/dynlink -c -impl odyl_config.ppo
rm -f odyl_config.ppo
OTOP=../.. OPT= EXE= ../tools/ -nolib -DOPT -o
../../boot/ocamlrun ../boot/camlp4r -nolib -I ../boot pa_ifdef.cmo
-nolib -DOPT -o odyl_main.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../../ocamlopt -I ../../stdlib -c -impl odyl_main.ppo
rm -f odyl_main.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../../ocamlopt -I ../../stdlib -I
../../otherlibs/dynlink odyl_config.cmx odyl_main.cmx -a -o odyl.cmxa
../../boot/ocamlrun ../boot/camlp4r -nolib -I ../boot -o odyl.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../../ocamlopt -I ../../stdlib -I
../../otherlibs/dynlink -c -impl odyl.ppo
rm -f odyl.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../boot/camlp4r -nolib -I ../boot -o quotation.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../../ocamlopt -I ../../stdlib -I ../odyl -I ../boot
-I ../../utils -I ../../parsing -I ../../otherlibs/dynlink -c -impl
rm -f quotation.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../boot/camlp4r -nolib -I ../boot -o ast2pt.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../../ocamlopt -I ../../stdlib -I ../odyl -I ../boot
-I ../../utils -I ../../parsing -I ../../otherlibs/dynlink -c -impl
rm -f ast2pt.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../boot/camlp4r -nolib -I ../boot -o spretty.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../../ocamlopt -I ../../stdlib -I ../odyl -I ../boot
-I ../../utils -I ../../parsing -I ../../otherlibs/dynlink -c -impl
rm -f spretty.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../boot/camlp4r -nolib -I ../boot -o reloc.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../../ocamlopt -I ../../stdlib -I ../odyl -I ../boot
-I ../../utils -I ../../parsing -I ../../otherlibs/dynlink -c -impl
rm -f reloc.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../boot/camlp4r -nolib -I ../boot pa_extend.cmo -o
../../boot/ocamlrun ../../ocamlopt -I ../../stdlib -I ../odyl -I ../boot
-I ../../utils -I ../../parsing -I ../../otherlibs/dynlink -c -impl
rm -f pcaml.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../boot/camlp4r -nolib -I ../boot q_MLast.cmo -o
../../boot/ocamlrun ../../ocamlopt -I ../../stdlib -I ../odyl -I ../boot
-I ../../utils -I ../../parsing -I ../../otherlibs/dynlink -c -impl
rm -f argl.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../../ocamlopt -I ../../stdlib -I ../odyl -I ../boot
-I ../../utils -I ../../parsing -I ../../otherlibs/dynlink
../lib/stdpp.cmx ../lib/token.cmx ../lib/plexer.cmx ../lib/gramext.cmx
../lib/grammar.cmx ../lib/extfun.cmx ../lib/fstream.cmx
../../utils/config.cmx quotation.cmx ast2pt.cmx spretty.cmx reloc.cmx
pcaml.cmx argl.cmx -a -o camlp4.cmxa
../../boot/ocamlrun ../boot/camlp4r -nolib -I ../boot pa_extend.cmo
q_MLast.cmo -o pa_r.ppo
../../boot/ocamlrun ../../ocamlopt -I ../../stdlib -I ../camlp4 -I
../boot -I ../../utils -c -impl pa_r.ppo
make[2]: *** [pa_r.cmx] Error 139
make[1]: *** [optp4] Error 2
make: *** [camlp4optopt] Error 2

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administrator (administrator)
2001-12-31 11:04


On Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 08:44:18AM +0100, wrote:

> Building ocaml-3.04 on OS X 10.1.2, there seems to be a problem making
> camlp4optopt

This is a known bug under MacOS X and some other systems. See bug 0000723: [^]

In the meantime, just remove the call to camlp4optopt in the Makefile:
this is optional. You will get no camlp4o.opt, that's all, but you can
use camlp4o.

Daniel de RAUGLAUDRE [^]

administrator (administrator)
2002-01-04 14:26

Same bug as PR#723

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