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0007722OCamlback end (clambda to assembly)public2018-02-06 07:342018-02-17 18:07
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Product Version4.06.0 
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Summary0007722: caml_modify with int type parameter in GADT
DescriptionWhen mutating a member of a record with an existential type, a caml_modify is generated even though it is know that the member can only hold immediate values.

module Kind = struct
  type _ t =
    | Int : int t

module R = struct
  type t =
    | T :
        { kind : 'a Kind.t
        ; mutable m : 'a
        } -> t

let mutate r (v : int) =
  let open R in
  let T ({ kind = Kind.Int; _} as r) = r in
  (* caml_modify is used here, even though r.m can only
     contain ints *)
  r.m <- v
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xleroy (administrator)
2018-02-17 18:07

The compiler errs on the side of caution: it generates a caml_modify operation unless it can positively prove that it's not needed. With GADTs such proofs are delicate and very error prone. So, maybe it's for the best that we're not trying to optimize this example.

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