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0007813OCamlruntime system and C interfacepublic2018-06-25 13:162018-06-25 17:02
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Product Version4.06.1 
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Summary0007813: Calling Gc.major_slice stalls gc'ing
DescriptionWhen only allocating data on the major heap, and continuously calling Gc.major_slice, the gc gets into a state where it stops collecting.

The attached test exposes the problem, and results in OOM after a while.

Removing the call to Gc.major_slice, or extending the test to do allocations on the minor heap avoids the gc stall, and memory pressure stabilizes to allow the test to run forever.

Steps To ReproduceThe attached test exposes the problem on 4.06.1 and 4.07-trunk.
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anders.fugmann (reporter)
2018-06-25 13:22

test file does not exhibit the problem as it does a minor heap allocation also. Uploaded which does expose the bug.
ivg (reporter)
2018-06-25 17:02

I've looked into it and it looks like a race condition, since `caml_major_collection_slice` resets `caml_allocated_words` to zero, even if no work is done and it couldn't be done until the minor heap is emptied, which is not possible because the GC is not triggered since there are no minor heap allocations in the example program and alloc_share doesn't trigger the GC since `caml_allocated_words` doesn't grow. Please, follow the link below, for the detailed explanation: [^]

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