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0007831OCamlruntime system and C interfacepublic2018-07-24 15:522018-07-29 18:02
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Product Version4.07.0 
Target Version4.08.0+devFixed in Version 
Summary0007831: Assertion failed in gc_ctrl.c
DescriptionAnother problem while running the testsuite with the debug runtime inside a docker container, now on Linux x64:

 ... testing '' with 1 (native) => passed
 ... testing '' with 2 (bytecode) => Process 14407 got signal 6(Aborted), core dumped

file gc_ctrl.c; line 71 ### Assertion failed: Color_hd (Hd_val (v)) != Caml_blue

Unfortunately, it does not happen always, restarted build may succeed, but no other test case seems to be failing on my x64 setup.
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related to 0007829acknowledged Assertion failed in freelist.c 

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db (reporter)
2018-07-25 09:45

One more debug assertion of this kind, now with Linux i386/flambda:

Running tests from 'tests/lib-bigarray' ...
 ... testing '' with 1 (native) => Process 4101 got signal 6(Aborted), core dumped
Could not find core file.
failed (Compiling program /builds/ocaml/compiler/testsuite/_ocamltestd/tests/lib-bigarray/bigarrays/ocamlopt.byte/bigarrays.opt from modules command
/builds/ocaml/compiler/byterun/ocamlrund /builds/ocaml/compiler/ocamlopt -runtime-variant d -I /builds/ocaml/compiler/asmrun -nostdlib -I /builds/ocaml/compiler/stdlib -o /builds/ocaml/compiler/testsuite/_ocamltestd/tests/lib-bigarray/bigarrays/ocamlopt.byte/bigarrays.opt
failed with exit code -6)

file gc_ctrl.c; line 165 ### Assertion failed: prev_hp == NULL || Color_hp (prev_hp) != Caml_blue || cur_hp == (header_t *) caml_gc_sweep_hp

I'm a little bit nervous about that. Of course, one could blame faulty hardware etc., but I never had any issues with it. Probably it's worth trying older OCaml releases?
xleroy (administrator)
2018-07-29 18:02

Thanks for the reports.

I'm surprised we haven't run into these issues earlier, because one of our CI infrastructures runs the test suite with the debug runtime (see tools/ci/travis/ in the OCaml source tree). Probably we need to strengthen our CI.

There can be a real bug, or the assertions can be wrong or outdated. That will be for our GC experts to find.

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