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0007839OCamlruntime system and C interfacepublic2018-08-17 16:002018-08-22 16:08
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Product Version4.07.0 
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Summary0007839: Marshal.Closures vs native OCaml DLL
DescriptionI thought it should always be possible to marshal/unmarshal closures from/to the same OCaml program (with Marshal.Closures flag). Unfortunately, if OCaml system is placed into a DLL that is loaded into a main exe written in another language, this becomes problematic. Non-PIC OCaml code contains relocations that will be resolved to different addresses depending on the DLL base address (assigned by OS DLL loader). Then code fragment digests will also be different and Marshal.from_* functions will fail.

I realize this is quite rare case (most people nowadays use x64 PIC code that is not affected) but IMHO it should be at least documented (if not fixed).
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stedolan (developer)
2018-08-22 15:54

Are you describing a situation where code written in OCaml is compiled as non-PIC, but the runtime system is placed in a DLL? If so, I'm surprised that's even possible.
db (reporter)
2018-08-22 16:08

Why not? Under Windows (my case) you don't have PIC at all, under Linux/x86 PIC is not required for DLLs, just recommended. Only Linux/x64 prohibits to link non-PIC code into a DLL.

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