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0000092OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2000-04-27 10:272000-04-27 12:04
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Summary0000092: Re: problem with threads.cmxa
Description> I have converted Markus' pcre to ocaml 3.00 and managed to compile
> the whole of Vyper using it, but I get the following during a link:
> [I'm using native threads, or trying to]

Yes, this is a bug in the Makefile for native threads. The new
feature of remembering C library names in Caml libraries is nice, but
all hell breaks loose when the wrong C library name is stored in a
Caml library.

Quick workaround: manual override!

        ocamlopt.opt ... -noautolink ... threads.cmxa ... -cclib -lthreadsnat

Better fix: apply the patch below to otherlibs/systhreads/Makefile,
change to that directory, and do make clean all allopt install.

Thanks for the bug report,

- Xavier Leroy

Index: Makefile
RCS file: /net/pauillac/caml/repository/csl/otherlibs/systhreads/Makefile,v
retrieving revision 1.20
diff -u -r1.20 Makefile
--- Makefile 2000/03/09 09:12:27 1.20
+++ Makefile 2000/04/27 08:21:42
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
 threads.cmxa: $(THREAD_OBJS:.cmo=.cmx)
        $(CAMLOPT) -a -o threads.cmxa $(THREAD_OBJS:.cmo=.cmx) \
- -cclib -lthreads -cclib -lunix $(PTHREAD_LINK)
+ -cclib -lthreadsnat -cclib -lunix $(PTHREAD_LINK)
 $(THREAD_OBJS:.cmo=.cmx): ../../ocamlopt

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administrator (administrator)
2000-04-27 12:04

Fixed 2000/04/27 by Xavier

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