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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
-for ocamlbuild use
minorclosed (gasche)2015-12-11ocamlbuild fails with Sys_error if there is a _tags file anywhere inside an ignored (unhygienic) directory
~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)
minorclosed (shinwell)2015-12-11Toplevel should have a #ppx directive
~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)
minorclosed (shinwell)2015-12-11calls to stat() don't release the runtime lock
~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)
featureclosed (shinwell)2015-12-11Feature wish: better pretty-printing for cyclic values
~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)
minorclosed (shinwell)2015-12-11Toplevel printer does not detect cycles
majorclosed (gasche)2015-12-11Format: %(...%)-heavy code no longer compiles with trunk


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