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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,debug,...})
featureacknowledged2017-02-22Wish: -dsource/-dparsetree for ocamldep
minorassigned (garrigue)2017-02-22Improve GADT typing with or-clauses
featureacknowledged2017-02-22Cannot attach documentation to polymorphic variants
featureacknowledged2017-02-22Unexported values can cause non-generalisable variables error
-OCaml general
featureresolved (gasche)2017-02-22Deep record field replacement
platform support (windows, cross-compilation, etc)
minorresolved2017-02-20Unix.create_process fails to call .bat scripts with spaces in path given arguments with spaces
platform support (windows, cross-compilation, etc)
minorresolved (dra)2017-02-20Queue+Threads+Cygwin native causes crash
standard library
minorresolved (frisch)2017-02-20stderr is buffered when using some prerr functions
tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,debug,...})
textclosed2017-02-17ocamldebug: document the .ocamldebug startup file
standard library
tweakacknowledged2017-02-17Mark functions in the stdlib that should be inlined
-OCaml general
featureconfirmed2017-02-17-safe-string should be a global property
-OCaml general
minoracknowledged2017-02-16non informative link time error when the c compiler couldn't run
minorfeedback2017-02-16docs should mention that open! also suppresses warning 33
minorconfirmed (garrigue)2017-02-16Strange undefined global error on trunk
-Ocaml optimization
minorclosed (dim)2017-02-16Make Int64.bits_of_float and Int64.float_of_bits %-primitives
majorresolved2017-02-16Strange type system bug
documentation length limit
-OCaml general
featureassigned (dra)2017-02-16More information in ocamlc -config
tweakacknowledged (garrigue)2017-02-16Better type propagation within object literals
minorassigned (garrigue)2017-02-16Strage error message probably caused by universal variable escape (with polymorphic variants)
standard library
featureacknowledged2017-02-16bigarray lacks a free-like call.
-OCaml general
featureconfirmed2017-02-16Do not require bitness of compiler host and target to match
featureconfirmed2017-02-16simplify using gadt with lambda
tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,debug,...})
featureconfirmed (whitequark)2017-02-16Dynlink support for ocamldebug
featureacknowledged2017-02-16add support for type expressions on the right-hand side of type substitutions in signatures
standard library
minoracknowledged2017-02-16Deprecate Stream and Genlex
-OCaml general
featureacknowledged2017-02-16Expose more compiler-libs internals in Toploop
tweakacknowledged2017-02-16advertise caml_strdup in 19.10.2 instead of strcpy
  0006595 [OCaml]
-OCaml general
tweakacknowledged2017-02-16Location.absolute_path is broken by symlinks
platform support (windows, cross-compilation, etc)
tweakacknowledged2017-02-16Different behavior of %g format under Windows
standard library
featureacknowledged2017-02-16Reveal the type of Unix.inet_addr
standard library
featureassigned (dim)2017-02-16custom format
standard library
featureconfirmed2017-02-16A format specifier for bytes
  0006373 [OCaml]
back end (clambda to assembly)
tweakconfirmed2017-02-16Warning about trigraph on generated assembly code
-OCaml general
tweakconfirmed2017-02-16[style patches] use (@@) to reduce parentheses in typing/ and asmcomp/
back end (clambda to assembly)
featureacknowledged (shinwell)2017-02-16please add an option to enable debug symbols only
back end (clambda to assembly)
tweakacknowledged2017-02-16introduce cmovcc instruction to speed up certain simple "if" blocks
tweakacknowledged2017-02-16A polymorphic variant type is not recognized as a polymorphic variant
configure and build/install
featureconfirmed (meurer)2017-02-16fix support for OpenBSD/macppc (32-bit powerpc)
-Ocaml optimization
tweakconfirmed2017-02-16lazy should be primitive
back end (clambda to assembly)
tweakacknowledged2017-02-16"for" loop not entirely optimal?
tweakacknowledged2017-02-16integrate unused-variable (and other unused-*) warnings with ordinary type-error messages
tweakacknowledged (garrigue)2017-02-16Better type errors for polymorphic variants and module signatures
tweakconfirmed2017-02-16Improve error message for polymorphic variant
standard library
tweakacknowledged2017-02-16Small tweak for some numeric functions in Pervasives
minoracknowledged2017-02-16Terminating semi-colon ignored by -strict-sequence
  0007148 [OCaml]
-OCaml general
minorconfirmed2017-02-16Confusing error message when parentheses are added around an expression
minoracknowledged2017-02-16constraints and local opens as proper nodes vs extra field
  0007084 [OCaml]
minoracknowledged2017-02-16ocamldoc parsing error issues incorrect line number
  0007077 [OCaml]
minoracknowledged2017-02-16[OCaml] Typechecking limitation in presence of mutually recursive modules
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