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  0007633 [OCaml]
standard library
featurenew2017-09-20Need for an equality comparing closures
compiler driver
crashresolved (gasche)2017-09-20-linscan option crashes ocamlopt
back end (clambda to assembly)
minornew2017-09-19FLambda particularly slow with large file consisting in top-level trivial aliases.
trivialacknowledged2017-09-19the manual page of ocamldoc does not mention -charset option
minornew2017-09-18False typing error when using pre-compiled .cmi through -intf-suffix option
language features
featurenew2017-09-18Pattern negation
back end (clambda to assembly)
minornew2017-09-15afl-fuzz reports 16.00% stability for a simple constant object expression
middle end (typedtree to clambda)
minoracknowledged2017-09-15Compiler emits Warning 59 on array assignment
minorresolved (lpw25)2017-09-154.06.0 Change : Format change must be marked as breaking.
runtime system and C interface
minorassigned (gasche)2017-09-14Sys.executable_name on Linux does not use /proc/self/exe if full path exceeds 256 characters
language features
minorresolved (frisch)2017-09-13Annotation [@warning "-32"] does not work correctly
configure and build/install
featurenew2017-09-13Compiler libs does not provide .cmxs object files.
minorresolved (gasche)2017-09-13Test suite crashes on aarch64
back end (clambda to assembly)
blockresolved (shinwell)2017-09-13OCaml 4.04, 4.05-rc1 incompatible with snapshot binutils, when built with -fPIC, results in crashes
minornew2017-09-13Odd behaviour of refutation cases with polymorphic variants
compiler driver
minorresolved (garrigue)2017-09-13Typecore.force_delayed_checks does not run with -i option.
minorresolved (garrigue)2017-09-13It seems like a hidden non-generalized type variable remains in some inferred signatures, which leads to strange errors
minorresolved (garrigue)2017-09-13Ambiguous type escaping the scope of its equation
minorresolved (garrigue)2017-09-13Unexpected GADT error
trivialnew2017-09-12ocamldoc replaces type variables with meaningless identifiers
back end (clambda to assembly)
featureacknowledged2017-09-07[patch] Avoid boxing float/int32/int64 when doing direct call
minornew2017-09-06unexpected (?) typing error related to aliasing of types defined in recursive modules
configure and build/install
blockresolved (dra)2017-09-06Can't figure out the right ./compile parameters for my platform
featureacknowledged2017-09-06Request: empty record and variant types
middle end (typedtree to clambda)
minorresolved (lpw25)2017-09-04flambda optimizations depends on unrelated things
  0007619 [OCaml]
lexing and parsing
minornew2017-09-03last semi column in inside the last expression
language features
featureresolved (frisch)2017-08-31Request: evaluation order of 'let ... and ...'
platform support (windows, cross-compilation, etc)
minorconfirmed (dra)2017-08-31Flexdll is incompatible with visual studio 2017.3
tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,debug,...})
minorfeedback2017-08-29OCaml-uri doesn't compile on ARM with assembler error
compiler driver
featureacknowledged2017-08-29ocaml{c,opt} may truncate and recreate a .cmi, leading to (rare) failures of make -j
compiler driver
featureacknowledged2017-08-29Please replace cmi files atomically when writing new versions
minorresolved (garrigue)2017-08-29Incorrect rejection of program due to faux scope escape
~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)
featureresolved (dim)2017-08-27Block with a custom comparison function
standard library
featureresolved (frisch)2017-08-27Format: invert breakable and non-breakable spaces
~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)
minorresolved (frisch)2017-08-27Adapt emacs mode to generate .annot from .cmt files
middle end (typedtree to clambda)
minorresolved (frisch)2017-08-27the optimization of optional arguments never applies with -g
back end (clambda to assembly)
featureresolved (shinwell)2017-08-27[github patch] add an option to generate empty .cmx files to avoid recompilation of dependencies
minorresolved (garrigue)2017-08-27Using well-disciplined type-propagation to disambiguate label and constructor names
~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)
minorresolved (garrigue)2017-08-27Module initialization not performed for extern-only lib (? segfault)
back end (clambda to assembly)
tweakresolved (gasche)2017-08-27Compilation of record functional modification is costly
back end (clambda to assembly)
majorresolved (gasche)2017-08-27Extra .cfi_adjust_cfa_offset directive between ret and .cfi_endproc leads to incorrect unwind behavior on OS X
back end (clambda to assembly)
majorresolved (gasche)2017-08-27Crashes when ocamlopt-generated code calls into Objective-C code that adds an exception handler
  0007522 [OCaml]
tweakacknowledged2017-08-27Spurious unused module warning (warning 60) with recursive modules
  0007613 [OCaml]
minorassigned (octachron)2017-08-27Manual's description of refutation cases is unclear
minoracknowledged (garrigue)2017-08-23Generative functors are allowed to be applicative !
trivialresolved (octachron)2017-08-22Document Format.pp_{set,get}_formatter_out_functions in the dedicated paragraph
emacs mode
minornew2017-08-21Emacs mode uses variable that has been removed from Emacs 25
tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,debug,...})
majornew2017-08-18Coq (coqtop.byte) hangs when run from ocamldebug
featureconfirmed2017-08-18unexpected warnings when including signature
minorresolved (octachron)2017-08-17unexpected warnings (produced by ocamldoc)
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