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-OCaml general
minorresolved (gasche)2017-01-14Uncaught Arg.Bad with some commandlines
standard library
featurenew2017-01-08Add basic unsigned int32 and int64 support
configure and build/install
featureassigned (shindere)2017-01-08Additional options to control link libraries in OCaml's configure script
featureacknowledged2017-01-06feature wish : heritage dans les types objets
minorassigned (dra)2017-01-06Mantis bugtracker has hundreds of spam-created users making searching by username difficult
minoracknowledged2017-01-05reversing the Unix and Bigarray dependency
featureresolved (dim)2017-01-05Lazy initialization of dynlinked plugins
-OCaml general
featurefeedback (dim)2017-01-05Patch to add "Rest" option to ocaml toplevel
-OCaml general
featureresolved (dim)2017-01-05Enhanced toplevel
-OCaml general
featureresolved (dim)2017-01-05#init in toplevel (was: 3.07 beta 2 test build/run results)
runtime system
tweakacknowledged2017-01-04caml_alloc_string allocates empty strings
-OCaml general
featureacknowledged2017-01-04Add module _ = X syntax
  0004908 [OCaml]
-OCaml general
featureacknowledged2017-01-03Requesting unsigned types
crashassigned (yallop)2017-01-02let-rec wellformedness check too permissive with nested recursive bindings
standard library
featureacknowledged2017-01-01support for O_DIRECT
tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,debug,...})
majorassigned (dra)2016-12-30Include OCaml lib directory in search path in ocamlmklib
tweakresolved (octachron)2016-12-29Doubtful "unused open" warning on module used for record field disambiguation
-OCaml general
featureresolved2016-12-27Allow extension nodes after "type", e.g. "type%foo"
crashresolved (garrigue)2016-12-26typing assert failure with nonrec priv
back end (clambda to assembly)
minorresolved2016-12-23inlining does not reduce polymorphism to concrete type to generate optimized code
-Ocaml optimization
minorresolved (gasche)2016-12-22optimizer always uses jump tables rather than lookup tables
-Ocaml optimization
minorresolved (frisch)2016-12-21significant compilation time increased after minor tweaks
minorresolved (garrigue)2016-12-17Linking modules compiled with -labels and -nolabels is not safe
platform support (windows, cross-compilation, etc)
minorresolved (protz) exhibits two different behaviors on Windows vs Linux
runtime system
minoracknowledged (doligez)2016-12-14Name clashes
tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,debug,...})
featureresolved (gasche)2016-12-14objinfo: dump globals defined in bytecode executables
-OCaml general
featureconfirmed2016-12-13wish: -str option for ocaml
configure and build/install
tweakassigned (shindere)2016-12-13Build compiler distribution tools with $(EXE) extension from the start
-OCaml general
minorresolved (garrigue)2016-12-13Too many parens required in first class module syntax
-OCaml general
featureassigned (shindere)2016-12-132 installation issues: permissions and emacs files
minorassigned (garrigue)2016-12-13Typing regression between 4.03 and 4.04 branch with signature coercion.
-OCaml general
featureresolved (lpw25)2016-12-12Make #show_type more useful for open variants
tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,debug,...})
featureresolved (shinwell)2016-12-12ocamldep: Argument list too long
  0006839 [OCaml]
-OCaml general
featureassigned (dim)2016-12-12Make Parser.mkoption available
-OCaml general
featureresolved (shinwell)2016-12-12"let _ : t = v;;" is not accepted without camlp4o
-OCaml general
featureacknowledged2016-12-12That #%$! syntax error two functions down
-OCaml general
textresolved (shinwell)2016-12-12Warning message for unused exception uses "extension", which is confusing.
minorresolved (garrigue)2016-12-10Soundness bug with GADTs and lazy
minorresolved (garrigue)2016-12-10Typechecker diverges on a stupid program
tweakresolved (garrigue)2016-12-10Extensible variant types and scope escaping
minorresolved (garrigue)2016-12-10Soundness bug with non-generalized type variable and functors
featureresolved (gasche)2016-12-09Travis checklist for due process: testsuite/ and Changes change
standard library
featureacknowledged2016-12-09Feature request: Hashtbl.adjust
standard library
featureresolved (frisch)2016-12-09Set should have a way to access the "middle" element and its left and right nodes.
tools (ocaml{lex,yacc,dep,debug,...})
featureresolved (shinwell)2016-12-09Is there any good reason to install both byte and native versions of the ocaml toolchain binaries ?
-OCaml general
featureacknowledged2016-12-09ocamlc does not fully take into consideration -o parameter
web site
minorresolved (shinwell)2016-12-09Strange tar file for Caml-Light documentation
featureassigned (doligez)2016-12-09On the mantis, non developer can't define relationship between bugs
-OCaml general
featureacknowledged2016-12-09structural equality for cyclic data structure cannot be interrupted
-OCaml general
featureacknowledged2016-12-09get the name of a function from its body, in order to write precise error message
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