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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)
crashclosed (doligez)2012-11-20Bus error using doubly-linked, circular list with lazy evaluation
~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)
crashclosed (garrigue)2007-02-21Program segfaults
~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)
tweakclosed (doligez)2006-11-24ocamlcp displays warnings twice
~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)
minorclosed2006-11-24if HAS_TRUNCATE is not defined for some reason, external functions unix_truncate_64 and unix_ftruncate_64 are not defined
~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)
minorclosed (doligez)2006-11-17new definition of CAMLreturn produces warnings
~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)
crashclosed2006-10-24File mLast.cmo cannot be installed (O'Caml 3.09.3)


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