Installation instructions

This chapter explains how to install Caml Light on your machine.

The Unix version

Any machine that runs under one of the various flavors of the Unix operating system, and that has a flat, non-segmented, 32-bit or 64-bit address space. 4M of RAM, 2M of free disk space. The graphics library requires X11 release 4 or later.

The Unix version is distributed in source format, as a compressed tar file named cl74unix.tar.gz. To extract, move to the directory where you want the source files to reside, transfer cl74unix.tar.gz to that directory, and execute
        zcat cl74unix.tar.gz | tar xBf -
This extracts the source files in the current directory. The file INSTALL contains complete instructions on how to configure, compile and install Caml Light. Read it and follow the instructions.

See the file INSTALL.

The Macintosh version

Any Macintosh with at least 1M of RAM (2M is recommended), running System 6 or 7. About 850K of free space on the disk. The parts of the Caml Light system that support batch compilation currently require the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop (MPW) version 3.2. MPW is Apple's development environment, and it is distributed by APDA, Apple's Programmers and Developers Association. See the file READ ME in the distribution for APDA's address.

Create the folder where the Caml Light files will reside. Double-click on the file cl74macbin.sea from the distribution. This displays a file dialog box. Open the folder where the Caml Light files will reside, and click on the Extract button. This will re-create all files from the distribution in the Caml Light folder.

To test the installation, double-click on the application Caml Light. The ``Caml Light output'' window should display something like

        >       Caml Light version 0.74

In the ``Caml Light input'' window, enter 1+2;; and press the Return key. The ``Caml Light output'' window should display:
        >       Caml Light version 0.74

        - : int = 3
Select ``Quit'' from the ``File'' menu to return to the Finder.

If you have MPW, you can install the batch compilation tools as follows. The tools and scripts from the tools folder must reside in a place where MPW will find them as commands. There are two ways to achieve this result: either copy the files in the tools folder to the Tools or the Scripts folder in your MPW folder; or keep the files in the tools folder and add the following line to your UserStartup file (assuming Caml Light resides in folder Caml Light on the disk named My HD):

        Set Commands "{Commands},My HD:Caml Light:tools:"
In either case, you now have to edit the camlc script, and replace the string
        Macintosh HD:Caml Light:lib:
(in the first line) with the actual pathname of the lib folder. For example, if you put Caml Light in folder Caml Light on the disk named My HD, the first line of camlc should read:
        Set stdlib "My HD:Caml Light:lib:"


Here is one commonly encountered problem.

Cannot find file stream.zi
(Displayed in the ``Caml Light output'' window, with an alert box telling you that Caml Light has terminated abnormally.) This is an installation error. The folder named lib in the distribution must always be in the same folder as the Caml Light application. It's OK to move the application to another folder; but remember to move the lib directory to the same folder. (To return to the Finder, first select ``Quit'' from the ``File'' menu.)

The MS-Windows version

A PC equipped with a 80386, 80486 or Pentium processor, running MS Windows 3.x, Windows 95 or Windows NT. About 3M of free space on the disk. At least 8M of RAM is recommended.

The MS-Windows version is distributed as a self-extracting, self-installing archive named cl74win.exe. Simply run it and follow the steps of the installation program.