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The Unix module provides functions of the Unix system library. Most of the underlying programming paradigms are not described in Objective CAML. The reader may refer to standard books about system programming. We cite [Ste92], or [CDM98], more specific to Linux.

Further, the excellent lecture notes from Xavier Leroy [Ler92] have for subject system programming in Caml-Light. They can be accessed under the following address:


The implementation of the Unix module is a good example for the cooperation between C and Objective CAML. A large number of functions are just calls to C system functions, with the additional type transcription of the data. The implementation sources are good examples of how to interface an Objective CAML program with a C library. The programs can be found in the directories otherlibs/unix and otherlibs/win32unix of the Objective CAML distribution.

The chapter did present several functionalities of the Unix module. Some more points will be approached in chapter 20 about communication sockets and Internet addresses. Other notions, like that of terminals, of file systems, etc. are not discussed in this book. They can be explored in one of the books mentioned above.

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