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OcamlBrowser is a code browser for Objective CAML, providing a LablTk-based graphical user interface. It integrates a ``navigator'' allowing to browse various modules, to look at their contents (names of values and types), and to edit them.

When launching OCamlBrowser by the command ocamlbrowser, the list of all the compiled modules available (see figure B.2) is displayed. One can add more modules by specifying a path to find them. From the menu File, one can launch a toplevel interactive loop or an editor in a new window.

Figure B.2: OCamlBrowser : the main window

When one of the modules is clicked on, a new window opens to display its contents (see figure B.3). By selecting a value, its type appears in bottom of the window.

Figure B.3: OCamlBrowser : module contents

In the main window, one can search on the name of a function. The result appears in a new window. The figure B.4 shows the result of a search on the word create.

Figure B.4: OCamlBrowser : search for create

There are other possibilities that we let the user discover.

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