Developing Applications With

This is a preliminary translation of the book Développement d'applications avec Objective Caml by Emmanuel Chailloux, Pascal Manoury and Bruno Pagano, published by O'Reilly France.

The translation is available in several formats:

The translation is not entirely finished yet; in particular, some solutions to exercises have not been translated yet, and proofreading is not completed. Work continues towards a definitive translation, but we hope that this early release of the translation can be useful.

If you notice obvious spelling or grammatical errors, please e-mail

This translation is the result of a collaborative effort involving about 60 volunteers worldwide. Their names are listed below. We thank Emmanuel Chailloux, Pascal Manoury and Bruno Pagano for providing us the complete LaTeX sources to the French original (and for having written it in the first place!), and O'Reilly France for their permission to distribute this translation, and their interest in this project.

        Francisco Valverde Albacete        Joshua D. Guttman    
        Mark Andrew                        Theo Honohan         
        Martin Anlauf                      Jerzy Karczmarczuk   
        Christopher B. Browne              Xavier Leroy         
        David Casperson                    Markus Mottl         
        Gang Chen                          Charles Neveu        
        Harry Chomsky                      Tim Perkis           
        Ruchira Datta                      Alan Schmitt         
        Seth Delackner                     Paul Steckler        
        Patrick Doane                      Perdita Stevens      
        Andreas Eder                       François Thomasset   
        Manuel Fahndrich                   Hans-Joerg Tiede     
Project coordination:
        Ruchira Datta
        Joshua D. Guttman
        Benjamin C. Pierce
        Julian Assange                     Christopher League      
        Robert Bauer                       Ronald Legere           
        Will Benton                        Matthew W. Markland     
        Antony Courtney                    Markus Mottl            
        Thomas Valentino Crimi             Eric Merritt            
        Scott Cyphers                      William D. Neumann      
        Laura Dean                         John Prevost            
        Ken Dyck                           Brian Rogoff            
        Miles Egan                         Ken Rose                
        Jeremy Fincher                     George Richard Russell  
        Eric Frias                         Anders Selander         
        Brent Fulgham                      Rafael 'Dido' Sevilla   
        Jason Gibson                       Mark Shure              
        Dan Grossman                       John Max Skaller        
        John Heron                         Matt Sottile            
        Garry Hodgson                      Jason Voegele           
        Samin Ishtiaq                      Don Wakefield           
        Jeffrey Katcher                    Russle Brock Wilcox     
        Doug Landauer 
System administration:
        Xavier Leroy