Using, Understanding, and Unraveling
OCaml Language

From Practice to Theory and vice versa

Didier Rémy

APPSEM'2000 summer school1

Copyright © 2000, 2001 by Didier Rémy.

These notes have also been published in Lectures Notes in Computer Science. A preliminary version was written for the Appsem 2000 summer school held in Camina, Portugal on September 2000. The notes are also available in Postscript (in A5 portrait, with two A5 pages on landscape A4, or in A4 portrait), or in PDF format.

Table of contents

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Copyright ©2000, 2001 Didier Rémy

Useful pointers

The OCaml home page; the reference manual, the Core and Standard libraries; the tutorials; and the FAQ.

If you need an emacs mode for OCaml, you can use this one.

Here is a generic Makefile for OCaml and a sample use.

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.