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Alternative generic hash function
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Date: 2000-05-25 (07:35)
From: STARYNKEVITCH Basile <Basile.Starynkevitch@c...>
Subject: Alternative generic hash function
>>>>> "Manuel" == Manuel Fahndrich <> writes:

    Manuel> The generic hash function Hashtbl.hash traverses into
    Manuel> mutable data structures. [...]

    Manuel> As was pointed out times before on this list, Hashtbl.hash
    Manuel> is thus unsuitable for hashing on data structures that
    Manuel> contain mutable data.

    Manuel> I'm wondering what the design rational is for this
    Manuel> choice. I'd rather have a generic hash function
    Manuel> (Hashtbl.hash_pure) that never looks into mutable
    Manuel> structures (skips refs and mutable fields of records and
    Manuel> classes).  

I disagree. And it is probably difficult to implement in current Ocaml
(which lacks any reflective facilities). The runtime does not know
about mutable fields! If I want to hash mutable data structure, I will
provide a specific hashing function.

What I am lacking of is an hashing function accepting parametric
type. I would like to define

type 'a symbol_t = { sym_name: string; sym_hash: int; sym_val: 'a option}

Then have

let make_symbol s = { sym_name= s; sym_hash= Hashtbl.hash s; sym_val= None}

let hash_symbol { sym_hash= h } = h 

Unfortunately I cannot make an hashtable using hash_symbol as hashing

Actually, hashing is a difficult subject. Perhaps there should be
several hashing modules in Ocaml stdlib?


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