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[Caml-list] Objective Caml 3.02 released
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Date: 2001-07-30 (11:58)
From: Xavier Leroy <Xavier.Leroy@i...>
Subject: [Caml-list] Objective Caml 3.02 released
A must-have for your summer vacations: version 3.02 of the Objective
Caml system, now available from the usual places:


This is essentially a bug-fix release (see detailed list below).

For general info on Objective Caml, see http://caml.inria.fr.  Bug
reports go to caml-bugs@inria.fr, questions to caml@inria.fr,
and general discussions to the mailing-list caml-list@inria.fr or the
comp.lang.ml or comp.lang.functional newsgroups.

- Xavier Leroy, for the Objective Caml team.

Objective Caml 3.02:

Both compilers:
- Fixed embarrassing bug in pattern-matching compilation
  (affected or-patterns containing variable bindings).
- More optimizations in pattern-matching compilation.

Byte-code compiler:
- Protect against VM stack overflow caused by functions with many local

Native-code compiler:
- Removed re-sharing of string literals, causes too many surprises with 
  in-place string modifications.
- Corrected wrong compilation of toplevel "include" statements.
- Fixed bug in runtime function "callbackN_exn".
- Signal handlers receive the conventional signal number as argument
  instead of the system signal number (same behavior as with the
  bytecode compiler).
- ARM port: fixed issue with immediate operand overflow in large functions.

Toplevel environment:
- User-definer printers (for #install_printer) now receive as first argument
  the pretty-printer formatter where to print their second argument.
  Old printers (with only one argument) still supported for backward

Standard library:
- Module Hashtbl: added Hashtbl.fold.

Other libraries:
- Dynlink: better error reporting in add_interfaces for missing .cmi files.
- Graphics: added more drawing functions (multiple points, polygons,
    multiple lines, splines).
- Bytecode threads: the module Unix is now thread-safe, ThreadUnix is
    deprecated.  Unix.exec* now resets standard descriptors to blocking mode.
- Native threads: fixed a context-switch-during-GC problem causing
    certain C runtime functions to fail, most notably input_value.
- Unix.inet_addr_of_string: call inet_aton() when available so as to
    handle correctly the address
- Unix: added more getsockopt and setsockopt functions to get/set
    options that have values other than booleans.
- Num: added documentation for the Big_int module.

- ocamldep: fixed wrong dependency issue with nested modules.

Run-time system:
- Removed floating-point error at start-up on some non-IEEE platforms
  (e.g. FreeBSD prior to 4.0R).
- Stack backtrace mechanism now works for threads that terminate on
  an uncaught exception.

- Updated config.guess and config.sub scripts, should recognize a greater
  number of recent platform.

Windows port:
- Fixed broken Unix.waitpid.  Unix.file_descr can now be compared or hashed.
- Toplevel application: issue with spaces in name of stdlib directory fixed.

MacOS 9 port:
- Removed the last traces of support for 68k

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