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Date: 2004-01-01 (19:57)
From: ǰŴ <gwangwon1117@h...>
Subject: [Caml-list] () 氣. . ȸ []@
<P><BR><FONT color=#6b6bab size=4><B>  ǰ !!</FONT> <BR><BR><BR><FONT
color=red size=3>, Ʈ, Ƿ</FONT>  ģ ״뿡...</FONT> <BR><BR><FONT color=red
size=3>" </FONT>  <FONT color=#156b0f size=3>ǰ </FONT>!  ȸ մϴ. <FONT
color=red size=3></FONT><FONT color=#ac3979 size=3></FONT>  ǰ Űʽÿ
!<BR><BR><BR><FONT color=#2626c2 size=4>̷е  ñ մϴ..!</FONT>
<BR><BR><BR><BR>1. <FONT color=red size=2>B , C , ȭ, 氣, Ȳ<FONT
color=#101050 size=2>   ...</FONT> <BR><BR><BR><FONT color=black>2.</FONT>
<FONT color=red size=2>ȸڸ</FONT><FONT color=#101050 size=2> Ƽ <FONT
color=red size=2></FONT>  Ͻô <FONT color=red size=2>..</FONT></FONT>
<BR><BR><BR><FONT color=black>3.</FONT> <FONT color=red size=2>Ƿ</FONT><FONT
color=#101050 size=2> ǰ ģ <FONT color=red size=2></FONT>..</FONT>
<BR><BR><BR><FONT color=black>4.</FONT> <FONT color=#101050 size=2>  <FONT
color=red size=2>˹</FONT> ô ..</FONT> <BR><BR><BR><FONT
color=black>5.</FONT> <FONT color=#101050 size=2> <FONT color=red
size=2></FONT>  길ϰ <FONT color=red size=2>߷</FONT>  ...</FONT>
<BR><BR><BR><FONT color=black>6.</FONT> <FONT color=#101050 size=2> <FONT
color=red size=2>  Ƿ</FONT>Ͻ ..</FONT> <BR><BR><BR><FONT
color=black>7.</FONT> <FONT color=#101050 size=2>ǻ;տ ɾִ ð <FONT
color=red size=2> </FONT> ǷϽź..</FONT> <BR><BR><BR><FONT
color=black>8.</FONT> <FONT color=red size=2></FONT><FONT color=#101050
size=2> <FONT color=red size=2></FONT>  ..</FONT> <BR><BR><BR><FONT
color=black>9.</FONT> <FONT color=red size=2> </FONT><FONT color=#101050
size=2> <FONT color=red size=2>Ƿΰ</FONT>  ..</FONT> <BR><BR><BR><FONT
color=black>10.</FONT> <FONT color=#101050 size=2>Ʈ ڿ÷  <FONT color=red
size=2>氣</FONT>  <FONT color=red size=2>ȭ</FONT>  ...</FONT>
<BR><BR><BR><BR><A href="" target=_blank
bbs_list?grpid='1ssR&amp;fldid=GtU"'><IMG border=0
color=red><FONT color=#800080></FONT>&nbsp;Ѿ</FONT><FONT color=#101050> 
<FONT color=red></FONT> <FONT color=red> </FONT>
ֽϴ.</FONT><BR><BR><BR><A href="" target=_blank
bbs_list?grpid='1ssR&amp;fldid=GtU"'><FONT color=#2222af size=5>Ϸ
</A></FONT> <BR><BR><BR><BR>  ǰ!! <BR><BR><BR><FONT color=#101050
size=4> <FONT color=red size=4>Ʈ</FONT>  <FONT color=red
size=4></FONT>  <FONT color=red size=4></FONT> ǰ Ǹմϴ.</FONT>
<BR><BR><BR><BR><FONT color=#5c9857> ΰ ִ    ǰ,ǰ,ȭǰ <BR><BR>м
˻  ,ǰ,ȭǰ,<BR><BR><FONT color=#2626c2>˽Ŀ (EC: European Consi of
food, Drugs and Cosmetics)</FONT>  ϰ ִ <BR><BR><FONT color=#2626c2>ٹ
ڻ</FONT>   õ</FONT> <BR><BR><BR><A
href="" target=_blank
bbs_list?grpid='1ssR&amp;fldid=GtU"'><FONT color=#2222af size=4>
</A><BR><BR><BR><A href=""
target=_blank bbs_list?grpid='1ssR&amp;fldid=GtU"'><FONT color=#2222af size=4>
  </A><BR><BR><BR><A href="" target=_blank
bbs_list?grpid='1ssR&amp;fldid=GtU"'><FONT color=#2222af size=4>θ
<P><B><FONT color=red size=2><FONT color=#2222af size=4><FONT color=#2222af
size=4><FONT color=#2222af size=4><BR><BR><BR><FONT color=black size=2>O 켱
ϼ̴ٸ ˼մϴ. ̸      ʽϴ<BR><FONT size=2>O   Ÿ ̿ 
ȣ     50 ǰ [] Դϴ<BR><FONT size=2>O e-mailּҴ   ͳݻ󿡼
Ͽ, ּҿ      ʽϴ<BR><FONT size=2>O   ߽ ̹Ƿ<BR><FONT
size=2>O ġʴ ̾ٸ Ʒ [Űź]   ּҸ   ݼ ֽʽÿ.   ˼մϴ
<BR><BR><BR></FONT><A href="">Űź</A>
(REMOVE)</FONT><A><BR><BR>TEL. 080-956-6955 <BR><BR><BR></P>
<HR color=#8bb5e2>
<DIV align=center><FONT color=#8bb5e2 face= size=2>  ź ǰ ׿ ǰ 
[] ǥõ  Դϴ.</FONT><BR><A href="" style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #8bb5e2; COLOR: #ffff00; FONT-FAMILY: ; FONT-SIZE: 12px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 3px; PADDING-LEFT: 3px; PADDING-RIGHT: 3px; PADDING-TOP: 3px; TEXT-DECORATION: none">Űź[Deny]</A> <FONT color=#8bb5e2
size=2>ư ŬϽø Űźó ̷ ϴ.<BR>If you don't want to receive this mail
anymore, click here [Deny]</FONT> </DIV>
<HR color=#8bb5e2>

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