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design problem
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Date: 2006-11-01 (05:39)
From: Pietro Abate <Pietro.Abate@a...>
Subject: design problem
Hi all,
I've the following code to write types and functions in an extensible
way, so to re-use my code a bit. Everything seems working fine. 

I've two questions:
- Is there a better way of achieving a similar result ? Here I'm using
  polymorphic variants, but I'm wondering if somebody already cooked
  something together by using variants and camlp4 extensions...
- At the moment type errors are pretty horrible. How can I coerce these
  functions to give prettier errors ? I've tried to coerce the function
  f in the *_aux functions below, but of course this is not possible as
  it needs to be polymorphic by design ...

thanks :)

(* my basic data type *)
type 'a termpc =
    [`And of 'a * 'a
    |`Or of 'a * 'a
    |`Not of 'a
    |`Atom of string

(* a simple normal form function *)
let nnfpc_aux f = function
  |`Not ( `Not x   )  -> f x
  |`Not ( `And(x,y) ) -> `Or  (f (`Not x), f (`Not y) )
  |`Not ( `Or (x,y) ) -> `And (f (`Not x), f (`Not y) )
  |`And (x,y)         -> `And (f x, f y)
  |`Or  (x,y)         -> `Or  (f x, f y)
  |`Not ( `Atom _) as x -> x
  |`Atom _ as x -> x
  |_ -> failwith "impossible pc"

let rec nnfpc t = nnfpc_aux nnfpc t;;

(* extension of the basic data type *)
type 'a termk =
    [`Dia of 'a
    |`Box of 'a
    |'a termpc

let nnfk_aux f = function
  |`Not (`Dia x ) -> `Box (f (`Not x))
  |`Not (`Box x ) -> `Dia (f (`Not x))
  |`Dia x         -> `Dia (f x)
  |`Box x         -> `Box (f x)
  |#termpc as x -> nnfpc_aux f x
  |_ -> failwith "impossible k"

let rec nnfk t = nnfk_aux nnfk t;;

(* an other extension on top of termk *)
type 'a termlck =
    [`CDia of 'a
    |`CBox of 'a
    |'a termk

let rec nnflck_aux f = function
  |`Not (`CDia x ) -> `CBox (f (`Not x))
  |`Not (`CBox x ) -> `CDia (f (`Not x))
  |`CDia x         -> `CDia (f x)
  |`CBox x         -> `CBox (f x)
  |#termk as x -> nnfk_aux f x
  |_ -> failwith "impossible lck"

let rec nnflck t = nnflck_aux nnflck t;;

let a = `Not (`Not (`Not (`Dia (`CDia (`Atom "a")))));;
let b = nnflck a;;

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