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ocamlbuild and C stubs
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Date: 2007-03-07 (22:03)
From: William D. Neumann <wneumann@c...>
Subject: Re: [Caml-list] ocamlbuild and C stubs
On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Shivkumar Chandrasekaran wrote:

> Is there any (easy) way to use ocamlbuild to handle the automatic 
> (re)-compilation of the C stub files to external libraries? Thanks,

Well, I don't know if it's the best way (I wait for Nicolas to chime in), 
but while playing around with it I tried to get cryptokit to build with 
ocamlbuild.  What I ended up with that worked was a myocamlbuild.ml that 
looks like:

open Ocamlbuild_plugin
open Command
open Arch

let static = false

let zlib = "-DHAVE_ZLIB"
let zlib_lib="-lz"
let zlib_libdir="/usr/lib"
(* let zlib_libdir=/usr/lib64  (* for x86-64 Linux *) *)
let zlib_include="/usr/include"

let libname = "cryptokit"

let cc_map lst = List.fold_right (fun v b -> A"-ccopt"::(A v)::b) lst []
let l_ x = "-L"^x

let _a = "%.a"

let c_files =
   [ "rijndael-alg-fst";  "stubs-aes"
   ; "d3des"; "stubs-des"
   ; "arcfour"; "stubs-arcfour"
   ; "sha1"; "stubs-sha1"
   ; "sha2"; "stubs-sha2"
   ; "sha256"; "stubs-sha256"
   ; "ripemd160"; "stubs-ripemd160"
   ; "pool"; "stubs-pool"
   ; "stubs-md5" ; "stubs-zlib"; "stubs-misc"; "stubs-rng"

let c_objs = List.map (fun f -> f-.-"o") c_files

let _ = dispatch begin function
| Before_rules ->

     rule  "create C library rule"
         begin fun env build ->
           let a = env _a in
           let tags = tags_of_pathname a++"library"++"object"++"archive" in
           Cmd(S([ !Options.ocamlmklib; A"-o"; A libname ]
                 @ (List.map (fun o -> A o) c_objs) @
                 [  A(l_ zlib_libdir); A zlib_lib; T tags ]
     flag  [ "c"; "compile"; ] (S(A"-I"::P".."::(cc_map [("-I"^zlib_include); zlib])));
     flag  [ "library"; "ocaml" ] (S[A"-ccopt"; A(l_ zlib_libdir); A"-cclib"; A zlib_lib]);
     flag  [ "ocaml"; "program" ] (S[A"-ccopt"; A"-L."]);
     if static then flag  [ "byte"; "link" ] (A"-custom");
     flag  [ "byte"; "library"; "link" ]  (S[A"-dllib"; A"-lcryptokit"; A"-cclib"; A"-lcryptokit"]);
     flag  [ "native"; "library"; "link" ]  (S[A"-cclib"; A"-lcryptokit"]);
| _ -> ()

The main thing here being the rule to build the C library.  I then use an 
itarget file to build the library.  This contains


Now, to build the library, I just issue the command
ocamlbuild libcryptokit.otarget

And then to build, for example, the test program I use something like
ocamlbuild test.native -libs nums,unix,cryptokit

I'm sure there's a bunch of cruft in there that could be better handled, 
but it seems to work well for now.

William D. Neumann


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children to these tigers.  We don't need them, we're not doing 
anything with them.

Tigers are noble and sleek; children are loud and messy."

         -- Neko Case

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