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Date: 2007-03-15 (18:54)
From: caml-list@i...
Subject: Re: [Caml-list] slightly OT: anyone reading this list with Mutt?

Eric Cooper <ecc@cmu.edu> writes:

> When I list-reply to a message on this list, my outgoing message
> header gets set to
>     caml-list@yquem.inria.fr, caml-list@inria.fr
> When I notice it, I can manually delete one, but I often forget,
> resulting in a duplicated post.  

> Does this happen to anyone else, and

Yes, to me.

> is there a fix?

The mail client should interpret the List-ID header field (present in
mails going through the inria list), know from that, that the mail came
from a list and reply to the list. Perhaps there is a extra command in
mutt which does this (like "reply to list").

Unfortunately this doesn't work if you have an imap server (like
cyrus) which does duplicate elimination. Then the first mail that
arrives (usually the copy adressed to you personally) doesn't carry
the List-ID and the other copies you don't see at all :-).

This is fundamentally broken and cannot be fixed, except
heuristically. I've programmed Gnus to respect List-ID until I found
the problem with the duplicate elimination. Then I stopped trying to
bring sense into 'To:', 'CC:', 'List-ID', 'From:' whatever. There is
no way to give any specific meaning to those fields. I even got
"newsletter" mail that was apparently adressed to the sender (and then
my Gnus always sets 'From' to that adress on reply: Arrgs!

The only way I can see to handle this, is, to filter incoming mail
with procmail, detect the list address in ANY of CC, From, To and tag
the mail with a "list context". Replying should detect the list
context and address all mails belonging to a list context to the list
in question (one can use List-ID for the list-context or have a
per-folder configuration).

I know religious wars are made from how E-Mail list headers are done
right. I don't want to start any, my comment should be construed as
humble practical advice only. 

Regards -- Markus