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Example slowing down... (OpenGL/lablgl)
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Date: 2007-04-11 (22:25)
From: Oliver Bandel <oliver@f...>
Subject: Example slowing down... (OpenGL/lablgl)

today I tried lablgl the first time succesful. :)

It's nice.

I tried the example from


 let _ =
    ignore( Glut.init Sys.argv );
    Glut.initDisplayMode ~double_buffer:true ();
    ignore (Glut.createWindow ~title:"OpenGL Demo");
    let render () =
      GlClear.clear [ `color ];
      GlMat.rotate ~angle:(Sys.time() *. 0.01) ~z:1. ();
      GlDraw.begins `triangles;
      List.iter GlDraw.vertex2 [-1., -1.; 0., 1.; 1., -1.];
      GlDraw.ends ();
      Glut.swapBuffers () in
    Glut.displayFunc ~cb:render;
    Glut.idleFunc ~cb:(Some Glut.postRedisplay);
    Glut.mainLoop ()

That's nice, only 14 lines of code and the example is done. :)

But after I made the window with the triangle greater,
this examplke slowed down extremely! :(

It seems that it does not use the features of the
graphics card for some reasons. (??!)

I have a gentoo-linux and an nvidia graphics card in the
PC. Running on AMD-64 architecture.

The first days I didn't used the closed-source nvidia drivers and tried
an old C-source I had written. It was a threded application;
in one of the thredas I had temporarily inserted one of the OpenGL-examples
from the RedBook. This was intended as aa placeholder for some time,
until I would write my own OpenGL-stuff for that thread.

In a small window that RedBook-example was amazingly fast.
And it slowed down, when making the window bigger, but nevertheless
was fast enough. When using "fog" effects, it slowed down extremely.

Later I used the nvidia-driver and it was so amazingly much more faster
than before, and slowing down, when making the window greater, was
not such a big effect. Using fog nearly had no effect.

The sources of the RedBook-example are written in C.

And today I tried OCaml with lablgl and this simple
In a small window it was circling very fast, but making the window
bigger slowed down the circular velocity a lot!

What's going on here?
Is the lablgl-binding - for some reason - NOT
using features that are using accelerated graphic-card's
features? Is the binding relaying on non-accelerated

Or is the OCaml-code in the above example
written in bad OpenGl-style?
(But I see the keyword double-buffering in the example,
 so it should be fast (?!))

Or is OCaml itself slowing down for some reasons?

As I didn't have changed the X11-settings (using X11-Xorg-Server)
the same (accellerated) driver is running as it was as I tried the

So there must be something with the above code or the lablgl-Lib
or with OCaml that makes the application slowing down, when the
window is enlarged.

Someone who knows, what the problem is?!

Thanks In Advance,
      Oliver Bandel