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OCaml version 3.11.0+beta1
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Date: 2008-10-16 (09:58)
From: David Allsopp <dra-news@m...>
Subject: RE: [Caml-list] OCaml version 3.11.0+beta1
Apologies if I missed them, but are there any installation instructions for
flexdll for Win32 building OCaml 3.11? I copied flexdll.h,
flexdll_initer_mingw.o, flexdll_mingw.o and flexlink.exe to my (empty) OCaml
bin directory (C:\Dev\OCaml\bin which is in PATH) before starting to build
which seemed to allow things to work.

[Aside: As I don't expect to use flexdll for anything else, the OCaml bin
directory seems as good a place as any to put it - I, out of personal
choice, put development tools in C:\Dev rather than C:\Program Files]

The install target of flexdll's Makefile suggests copying:

flexdll_initer.c, flexdll.c
	Surely these aren't needed once it's compiled?

cmdline.o, coff.o, reloc.o, version.o
	Aren't these all part of flexlink.exe and therefore not needed?

	Is this necessary for a MinGW build?

There seems to be an interesting chicken-and-egg source dependency between
flexdll and OCaml 3.11 - you can't build OCaml 3.11 from source or use it
afterwards without flexdll and you can't build flexdll from source without
OCaml. Doesn't that suggest a binary copy of flexdll should be included in
OCaml's boot directory? All of the other *binary* dependencies for Windows
OCaml don't require OCaml themselves... just a thought!

There are now some documentation inconsistencies in the sections for linking
C code - but I'll finish working through the various libraries I use before
reporting back. It's great that ocamlmklib is now available for all ports on
Win32 as well (that's one typo in manual032!) as it means that most of my
broken calls to gcc (rather than flexlib) can be replaced with the much more
portable ocamlmklib anyway!

Is there a useful way of submitted patches to the documentation? The HTML
docs are all generated from something, right?


-----Original Message-----
From: caml-list-bounces@yquem.inria.fr
[mailto:caml-list-bounces@yquem.inria.fr] On Behalf Of Damien Doligez
Sent: 15 October 2008 15:40
To: caml users
Subject: [Caml-list] OCaml version 3.11.0+beta1

Dear OCaml Users,

We are pleased to celebrate the birthday of Friedrich Nietzsche
by releasing OCaml version 3.11.0+beta1.  We need YOU to test
it thoroughly and report any problems you might have.  Does
your favorite software work with it?

It is available as a source release only (plus documentation),
from this address:
< http://caml.inria.fr/pub/distrib/ocaml-3.11/ >

It is also available from our CVS server at:
< http://camlcvs.inria.fr/ >
Use tag "ocaml3110beta1" to get the beta release, and tag
"release311" to track the bug fixes between this and the
final release of 3.11.0.

Have fun and PLEASE send us some feedback, positive or negative.

-- The OCaml team.

--------------------- Camlp5 HOW-TO ------------------------

Camlp5 version 5.09 does not work with OCaml 3.11.0+beta1 out of the
box.  A new version compatible with OCaml 3.11.0 should be released
very soon.  In the meantime you can use the following commands (in the
root directory of the Camlp5 5.09 sources) to compile Camlp5 5.09 with
OCaml 3.11.0+beta1.  Note that you will need to provide the path name
to a copy of the OCaml 3.11.0+beta1 sources at the line labelled

cp -R ocaml_stuff/3.11 ocaml_stuff/3.11.0
cp ocaml_src/main/ast2pt.ml_3.11 ocaml_src/main/ast2pt.ml_3.11.0
ed main/ast2pt.ml <<-EOF
   g/OCAML_3_11/s//& OR OCAML_3_11_0/
ed top/rprint.ml <<-EOF
   g/OCAML_3_11/s//& OR OCAML_3_11_0/
./configure --transitional
make steal OCAML_SRC=<path-to-ocaml-source-dir>      # HERE
make core
make bootstrap_sources
./configure --transitional
make world.opt

That's all.  Now you can "make install" as usual.

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