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Notes from testing OCaml 3.11.0+beta1 on Fedora
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Date: 2008-11-21 (10:46)
From: Richard Jones <rich@a...>
Subject: Notes from testing OCaml 3.11.0+beta1 on Fedora
Fedora compiled most of our OCaml packages for 3.11.0+beta1 now.  Here
are my notes on this, which I hope prove helpful for anyone else
trying out 3.11.

Firstly you can get any of the packages / patches we are using through
our CVS repo here:

Packages _other_ than those listed below built without any problems
and are available from my temporary repository
(  They will
eventually get built in Fedora 11.  Fedora 10 (released next week)
will continue to be based on OCaml 3.10.2.

Base ocaml package

Here are the patches we are carrying (NB especially patch 6):

Patch0:         ocaml-3.11.0-rpath.patch
Patch1:         ocaml-user-cflags.patch
# Support for PPC64 platform by David Woodhouse:
Patch3:         ocaml-3.11.0-ppc64.patch
# This is a patch from upstream which fixes PR#4637, PR#4582.
# commonly manifested as errors thrown saying:
# Invalid_argument("String.index_from")
Patch6:         ocaml-3.11.0-string-index-from.patch

These are the patches we have removed since 3.10.2, which we believe
are no longer necessary:

# Patch to work with new TCL versions:
#Patch2:         ocaml-3.10.0-tclver.patch
# Not needed because the GC allocator was completely rewritten:
#Patch4:         ocaml-3.10.1-map32bit.patch
# A similar fix went upstream in 3.11.0:
#Patch5:         ocaml-3.11-dev12-no-executable-stack.patch


Camlp4 parsing problem:

Build runtime/print_xml.cmx
File "runtime/", line 110, characters 35-37:
Parse error: [expr level ;] expected after "in" (in [expr])
File "runtime/", line 1, characters 0-1:
Error: Preprocessor error
*** [runtime/print_xml.cmx] Error 2


Small patch required, sent upstream (see our CVS).


Strange camlp4 problem, not yet resolved.  Maybe just a missing

OCAMLC    lib/pp.mli
OCAMLC4   lib/pp.ml4
sh: camlp4o: command not found
File "lib/pp.ml4", line 1, characters 0-1:
Error: Preprocessor error


Since we upgraded to camlimages 3.0.1, freetennis is looking for a
library called ci_core.cmxa which no longer appears to exist.
Upstream seems to be dead on this one.


Small patch required to fix a camlp4 parsing problem, not yet upstream
(see our CVS).


Build system failure - I didn't look very closely at this yet.


There seem to be a number of build problems with the 1.0 release of
ocamlgraph.  I'm not sure if these are related to 3.11.0 or not.


Undefined reference to caml_sync.  Not looked into this yet.


Stricter module naming restrictions in 3.11:

ocamlc -warn-error AX -g  -pp 'camlp4orf -I . pa_monad.cmo' -c
File "", line 1, characters 0-1:
Warning X: bad source file name: "Pythagorean-triples" is not a valid module name.
File "", line 1, characters 0-1:
Error: Error-enabled warnings (1 occurrences)

type-conv & sexplib

These work fine, but you must upgrade to the latest versions.


camlp4 parsing problem, not yet resolved.


Richard Jones
Red Hat