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Date: Fri Jan 24 1997 - 03:51:51 MET

Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 11:51:51 +0900
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From: Jacques GARRIGUE <>
Subject: Re: ergonomie du compilateur

>>>>> " " == Frank Christoph <> writes:

> I once suggested a related feature to Alastair Reid, but for
> Haskell program editors. I thought it would be useful if the user
> could click on an identifier and have the type displayed. This can
> be more useful in Haskell than in ML because of type classes and
> the extended inference algorithm. I think he told me that, in an
> old release of the Yale Haskell system (when they were still using
> LISP as a backend!), something of the sort was once possible but
> Yale has sinced scrapped that implementation.

This is exactly what is possible with LablBrowser for O'Labl !
(Or OCamlBrowser for O'Caml)

You load a file in the editor, typecheck it, and then you can see the
type of any identifier, expression or pattern, by just clicking on it.

If typecheck fails, you can see types for all expressions preceding
the one that caused the error.

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