From: Esperet Philippe (
Date: Tue Feb 04 1997 - 13:51:00 MET

Date: 04 Feb 97 07:51:00 EST
From: Esperet Philippe <>
To: liste Caml <>
Subject: Beautified

% camlli10.tex 4-2-1997 (12h:50)

                | Philippe Esperet (France) |
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Liste Caml light
sujet : beautified

[Please see below for an English translation]

   J'ai de'couvert ce week-end que le filtre "a2ps", qui
transforme de l'ascii en PostScript, avait une option
"caml" ame'liorant la sortie des listings (sans entrer en
concurrence avec travail de Michel Mauny). Pensant que je
n'e'tais pas le seul a` ignorer l'existence d'"a2ps", je fais
une petite publicite' pour : <Akim Demaille>
[seulement sur Unix actuellement, mais le de'veloppement
sous DOS avance]

   Une question auxiliaire : si l'on doit choisir de
mettre certains mots-cle' du langage en gras et d'autres
non, lesquels choisir ? Je verrais assez ";", ";;", "&&" et
"||" en gras, mais alors quid de "<=" et "<>" ?


[English version]

   I have discovered that the ascii to PostScript filter
"a2ps" had nice features for the Caml language (though not
to be compared to Michel Mauny's program). Maybe I was not
alone to ignore that package, so this a free advertising
for : <Akim Demaille>
[available only for Unix platforms for the moment, but DOS port
is going on]

   One other question is : if some of the words in the
language has to be bold and the other normal, how to decide
between the firsts and the seconds. I would like to have
bold ";", ";;", "&&" and "||", but then what about "<=" or
"<>" ?



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