Re: camltk browser for ocaml sources

From: Francois Rouaix (
Date: Tue Feb 18 1997 - 16:57:44 MET

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From: Francois Rouaix <>
To: (Jean-Christophe Filliatre)
Subject: Re: camltk browser for ocaml sources
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 16:57:44 +0100

> There does not seem to have a browser for O'Caml sources with the
> O'Caml release of CamlTk (like the one that exists for Caml
> Light). Is there any hope to have such a browser with a future release
> of CamlTk ? Or, has anyone written something similar ?
Correct. No. Yes.
"camlbrowser" has not been ported to OCaml, and I have no plan to port it.
However, you should have a look at OLablbrowser/OCamlbrowser that Jacques
Garrigues distributes with OLabl. It provides the same functionality as
the old "camlbrowser", and much more (along the lines of "integrated
development environments"). It's written in OLabl, but there is
a version that browses OCaml.

> Is there any scheduled release of CamlTk for tcl7.6 / tk4.2 ?
The current status is as follows (and as described and maintained in

The thing called "camltk4" works with Tcl7.4/Tk4.0, and is available
both for Caml Light and Objective Caml, in:

The thing called "camltk41" works with Tcl7.5/Tk4.1 or Tcl7.6/Tk4.2,
and is available *only* for Objective Caml, in
Note however that "camltk41" has not been fully upgraded to support
the new features of Tk4.1 or Tk4.2 (e.g. standard dialog boxes).
If you really need one of these features, check the implementor's manual
and hack Widgets.src.
Note also that "camltk41" compiles under Windows95/NT with only a couple of
trivial changes (includes, #ifdef) and a boring rewrite of Makefiles. It
seems to work reasonably, although some features have not been tested (e.g.
file events).

The next version of camltk will (probably) occur when Tcl/Tk 8 becomes stable.


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