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Date: Wed Feb 26 1997 - 09:36:05 MET

From: Pierre Weis <>
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In-Reply-To: <> from Erwan David at "Feb 25, 97 06:27:50 pm"
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Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 09:36:05 +0100 (MET)

> J'ai voulu recompiler un programme fait en 0.7 (je crois) avec le
> compilateur 0.73 : apparemment certaines fonctions ont changé de nom: j'ai
> l'erreur
> camlc -g -W -c
> File "", line 9, characters 7-43:
> > format__set_formatter_output_channel stdout;
> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> The value identifier format__set_formatter_output_channel is unbound.

Yes, some small discrepancies in the naming conventions have been
corrected in the format library (see format.mli). In this case output
has been change into out, since output channel are named out channels
in Caml.

(*** Redirecting formatter output *)
value set_formatter_out_channel : out_channel -> unit;;
        (* Redirect the pretty-printer output to the given channel. *)

In addition, multiple formatting in parallel on several output
channels are now available (once more, see format.mli):

(*** Multiple formatted output *)
type formatter;;
        (* Abstract data type corresponding to a pretty-printer and
           all its machinery.
           Defining new pretty-printers permits the output of
           material in parallel on several channels.
           Parameters of the pretty-printer are local to the pretty-printer:
           margin, maximum indentation limit, maximum number of boxes
           simultaneously opened, ellipsis, and so on, are specific to
           each pretty-printer and may be fixed independantly. *)

Enjoy it!

Pierre Weis

INRIA, Projet Cristal,,

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