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Date: Tue Mar 18 1997 - 16:51:46 MET

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Subject: Re: Weak pointers
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From: Kohler Markus <>

> >The problem is that if you delete an element in the tree it may be that the
> >hash table still points to the node, because there was no garbage collection
> >yet. It could be possible that you would still find the entry trough the hash
> >table.
> I don't see a problem here. You find the entry and use it instead of
> allocating a new node. This is a rather good thing. It means you
> avoid allocating, and leave less garbage for the GC to collect.

But how do you know then that value is not valid anymore ?
I you use a flag to indicate that then I don't see an advantage of using a
weak pointer.
The same could be done with a "normal" pointer.



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