Re: Q: hashtables of parametrized types in Ocaml?

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Date: Fri Apr 04 1997 - 21:03:26 MET DST

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Subject: Re: Q: hashtables of parametrized types in Ocaml?
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 1997 14:03:26 -0500
From: Mark Hayden <>

Here is a similar example that works for me.
This is for hash tables that use MD5 digest
strings for keys.



  module MD5_handler : ( Handler.S with type key = Digest.t )


  module MD5_key =
      type t = Digest.t
      let equal = (=)
      let hash s = abs (Hsys.pop_int s 0)

  module MD5_hashtbl = Hashtbl.Make ( MD5_key )

pop_int is a function thats reads an integer in a string:

  val pop_int : string -> int -> int

>Suppose I have
> (* a symbol has a name and a value; value type is unspecified
> here; in practice it will be defined in another module! *)
> type 'a asymbol_t = { sy_name: string; sy_val: 'a }
> (* the hash of a symbol is the hash of its name *)
> let symhash { sy_name= name } = Hash.hash name;
>Now I would like to define hashtable of symbol thru the Hashtbl.Make
>I tried
> module SymbolHashtbl =
> Hashtbl.Make(struct
> type t = 'a asymbol_t
> let equal = (==)
> let hash = symhash
> end)
>but it doesn't work! How can I achieve an equivalent result? Of course
>I would like the resulting symbol hashtable module to have a key type
>parametrized by 'a (symbols' value type) and a table type parametrized
>by 'a (the same symbols' value type) and by 'b (the arbitrary hash
>value type - noted 'a on section 16.10 page 186 of refman1.05)
>The reason of all this is that I have in my application (some kind of
>translator, building and working on program abstract syntax trees)
>symbols and tree nodes - each node has a symbol and may have
>subnodes. A symbol may have as value a tree node. So I have a module
>Symbol (defining type 'a asymbol_t) and another module Abstree (for
>abstract syntax trees) defining type node_t and symbol_t = node_t
>Perhaps a double functor is the answer, but I can't figure it out!
>[[French summary]]
>Comment créer une table de hash (via Hashtbl) de types parametrés. Mon
>type asymbol_t (defini ci-dessus) est parametré par le type 'a des
>valeurs de symbole (instantié dans un autre module). Mais le hashage
>ne porte que sur le nom du symbole. Comment faire une table de hash
>sur ces symboles.
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