Re: [English only, sorry] O'Labl hands off the standard library?

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Date: Fri Apr 11 1997 - 11:41:23 MET DST

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Subject: Re: [English only, sorry] O'Labl hands off the standard library?

   From: Ian T Zimmerman <>

   Hi. I'm quite intrigued by the polymorphic variant type system
   extension in O'Labl and I would like to try it; but I thoroughly
   dislike the other parts of O'Labl (labels and optionals). Is there a
   way to apply just parts of the Ocaml -> O'Labl patch to get just the
   polymorphic variants and nothing else? I realize that nothing forces
   me to actually _use_ labels and optionals, except --- the standard
   library gets labelized! So, I'd be willing to have the entire compiler
   patch applied, if only the library is left alone. Please?

Well, since I'm working on the same set of sources for the two
extensions, this is impossible. You get the labels and optionals too,
whether you like it or not. Your dislike surprises me a bit, since
the people who start programming with labels usually enjoy them a lot

On the other hand, as explained in the manual, if you rename olabl as
ocaml, or use the -nolabels command line option, you can use it as
O'Caml + variants. Then you don't need to write labels in function

If you don't like to see labels in the standard library, you can
replace it by the original one and bootstrap with it.


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