threads library in Objective Caml

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Date: Tue Apr 15 1997 - 05:51:38 MET DST

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From: Frank Christoph <>
Subject: threads library in Objective Caml
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>>>>> "Pawel" == Pawel Wojciechowski <> writes:
> The potential advantage of threads is that on a multiprocessor shared memory
> machine, each thread can run on a different processor. However, in the
> (O)Caml documentation is written as follows: "The `threads' library is
> implemented by time-sharing on a single processor. It will not take
> advantage of multi- -processor machines. Using this library will therefore
> never make programs run faster".

You make it sound like the only point of threads is to take advantage of
parallelism when the program is running on a multiprocessor machine. A lot of
people use threads for reasons that have nothing to do with (objective notions
of) performance, for example in GUI programming. By your logic, there
would seem to be no point in emulating concurrency on a sequential machine at

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