AW: ocaml needs users: native code for windows?

From: Carsten Clasohm (
Date: Tue May 13 1997 - 10:16:54 MET DST

From: Carsten Clasohm <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: AW: ocaml needs users: native code for windows?
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 10:16:54 +0200

> You still can't ship a plain binary, can you?

I can. I use ocamlopt to compile the OCaml code and link the object =
files and some OCaml libraries to my Win32 executable. Linking is done =
by VisualC++. (In practice it's a bit more complicated, as e.g. you have =
to link the additional file "camlstartup.asm" that would be =
automatically added if you used ocamlopt for linking. And there seems to =
be a conflict between Microsoft's runtime string functions and the =
regexp package delivered with OCaml. So I replaced the C regexp =
functions in OCaml's libstr.)

> At least the source code to MFC is
> available to anybody who buys VC++, so it is just a simple (!) matter
> of trascribing it from C++ to OCaml, right ?

That's right. And it's indeed easy to port C++ code to OCaml.

But VisualC++ would still have the advantage of offering a simple way to =
design GUI resources and link them with your code in an easy way (via =
message maps).

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