Re: OCaml: problems compiling

From: Joshua D. Guttman (
Date: Tue Jul 22 1997 - 17:50:29 MET DST

Message-Id: <>
To: Xavier Leroy <>
Subject: Re: OCaml: problems compiling
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 11:50:29 -0400
From: "Joshua D. Guttman" <>

> > I/O error: foo.cmi: No such file or directory
> >
> > Note that it's complaining about the .cmi file for the
> > file currently being compiled, not some other module.
> >
> > How can I avoid the error to begin with?
> You should compile the foo.mli file before compiling the file.
> That will produce the missing foo.cmi file.
> Alternatively, if you don't have an interface file foo.mli in the same
> directory as, the compiler will create foo.cmi directly from

Is there some convenient way to set up a makefile so that it will
ensure that foo.cmi is generated (or re-generated) before foo.cmo or

Not being a magician of `make', I didn't see an easy way to express
the conditional on there existing a foo.mli file. Of course, in the
ideal case one would actually see whether it was possible to make
foo.mli, e.g. from foo.mly.



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