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Subject: Re: Caml Programming Environment
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> I would know if exists any programming environment of caml, (I think
> that is an IDE). Anything like RHIDE for DJGPP, like TURBO C IDE.

As Xavier already answered, most common functions can be obtained by
using emacs and caml-mode under unix. Caml is very well integrated
with unix, which makes this way of using it most comfortable.

If you think of a graphical IDE, there are several.
Under Windows and MacOS, both caml-light and ocaml come with a quite
primitive user interface.
Under Unix, you have CamlBrowser for caml-light and
Labl/OCamlBrowser for olabl/ocaml, which provide you with more advanced
features, like environment browsing and global search functions.
That is, these interfaces do not intend to provide you with building
tools, since make is already included in unix, and some example of
makefiles come with caml, but with new features, some of them not
available in IDE's for other languages.


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