Objective Caml 1.07 released

From: Xavier Leroy (Xavier.Leroy@inria.fr)
Date: Thu Dec 11 1997 - 18:43:18 MET

From: Xavier Leroy <Xavier.Leroy@inria.fr>
Message-Id: <199712111743.SAA10686@pauillac.inria.fr>
Subject: Objective Caml 1.07 released
To: caml-list@inria.fr
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 18:43:18 +0100 (MET)

This is end-of-year clearance here at INRIA, so we've just released
version 1.07 of Objective Caml.

Compared with 1.06, this is a bug-fix release that provides no new
features, but fixes some serious bugs in the native thread library,
and a number of small glitches in the system and documentation.
See the end of this message for a more complete list.

Usually, this wouldn't deserve a release in itself, but we're about to
put Objective Caml on a CD-ROM distribution and we wanted to fix the
known problem with 1.06 before.

Objective Caml 1.07 is available from ftp://ftp.inria.fr/lang/caml-light,
in the following files:

        ocaml-1.07.tar.gz Source distribution (Unix, PC, Mac)
        ocaml-1.07-1.i386.rpm Binaries for Linux RedHat / Intel
        ocaml-1.07-win.zip Binaries for Windows 95 and NT
        ocaml-1.07-refman.* Documentation, in various formats
        ocaml-1.06-1.07.diffs.gz Source diffs from 1.06

For general info on Objective Caml, see http://pauillac.inria.fr/ocaml/

- Xavier Leroy, for the Objective Caml team


Detailed list of changes:

* Native-code compiler:
  - Revised interface between generated code and GC, fixes serious GC
    problems with signals and native threads.
  - Added "-thread" option for compatibility with ocamlc.

* Debugger: correctly print instance variables of objects.

* Run-time system: ported to OpenBSD.

* Standard library: fixed wrong interface for Marshal.to_buffer and

* Num library: added Intel x86 optimized asm code (courtesy of
  Bernard Serpette).

* Thread libraries:
  - Native threads: fixed GC bugs and installation procedure.
  - Bytecode threads: fixed problem with "Marshal" module.
  - Both: added Event.always.

* MS Windows port: better handling of long command lines in Sys.command

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