Caml Light 0.74

From: Pierre Weis (
Date: Mon Dec 29 1997 - 15:25:36 MET

From: Pierre Weis <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Caml Light 0.74
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 15:25:36 +0100 (MET)

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer la disponibilite de Caml Light version 0.74.

Cette version n'apporte pas de nouveautes majeures, mais corrige un
certains bugs mineurs qui nous ont ete signales sur la version
0.73. Une liste complete des changements est a la fin de ce message.

La version 0.74 est disponible pour Unix, pour le Macintosh et pour MS Windows
(95 et NT, ainsi que 3.1 avec la bibliotheque de compatibilite Win32s).
Des binaires precompiles pour Linux RedHat sont egalement disponibles.

La distribution 0.74 complete, ainsi qu'un patch par rapport a la 0.73,
sont disponibles par FTP anonyme a l'endroit habituel:

        repertoire: lang/caml-light
        fichiers: cl74*

Une distribution de toutes ces versions sur CD-ROM, integrant
Win32s et un programme d'installation automatique en francais, sera
disponible aupres du centre de diffusion de l'INRIA dans le courant du
mois de Janvier.

Veuillez envoyer vos rapports d'anomalies a

                                Pierre Weis
                                Xavier Leroy

[English version:]

It is our pleasure to announce the release of Caml Light version 0.74.

No major novelty in this release, but it fixes several bugs that were
reported for release 0.73. See the end of this message for a complete
list of changes.

Release 0.74 is available for Unix, Macintosh and MS Windows (95 and
NT, and also 3.1 with the Win32s compatibility system). Precompiled
binaries for Linux RedHat are also available.

The complete 0.74 distribution, as well as patches from 0.73, are
available by anonymous FTP from the usual place:

        directory: lang/caml-light

Bug reports should be mailed to

                                Pierre Weis
                                Xavier Leroy

Caml Light 0.74:

* Typing: when typing a sequence (e1;e2), warn if e1 does not have
  type "unit".

* Standard library:
  - module string: added index_char, rindex_char, index_char_from,
  - module vect: added init_vect.
  - module format: added a printf facility to control the pretty-printer.
  - module float: more floating-point functions (all ANSI-C functions).
  - The iterators do_list, do_vect et al have more restricted types, e.g.
    ('a -> unit) -> 'a list -> unit instead of ('a -> 'b) -> 'a list -> unit.
  - module sys: new function sys__time to measure elapsed time.

* MS Windows port: fixed bugs in functions over graphics__image.

* libnum: square root rewritten. Many bug fixes to support 64 bits
  architectures. Lot of functions rewritten or added. More tests
  Module nat: now performs sanity checks.
  New module fnat: the same functionality as module nat, without
  sanity checks.
  The toplevel "camlnum" now comes with printers installed for the
  num types.
  Assembly code for pentium processors is now supported (on average
  this implementation is approximately 3 times faster than the pure C
  implementation) (set the variable BIGNUM_ARCH to pentium in the
  Makefile of the contrib directory).

* camllex: fixed bug causing undetected type errors in lexer definitions.

Pierre Weis

INRIA, Projet Cristal,,

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