small solved problem linking caml with Fortran

Date: Thu Mar 05 1998 - 09:54:51 MET

Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 09:54:51 +0100
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Subject: small solved problem linking caml with Fortran

This is mainly for ocaml developers but perhaps some users might have
an insight.

Caml (ocaml-1.07 bytecode compiler &interpreter) is used here as an
embedding langage for numerical applications programmed in Fortran.

Plateform is a Linux/Intel Pentium II. Kernel is 2.0.33, distribution
is (patched) Redhat-5.0, libc is, binutils is
(not .0.15!), egcs-1.0.1 compiler suite (including f77 & libf2c)

The problem is that both fortran's /usr/lib/libf2c.a and caml's
/usr/local/lib/ocaml/libcamlrun.a defines a main function (in amain.o

The custom top level is built with

ocamlmktop -custom -o toplevel fthebase.cmo fthebasec.o F*.o -cclib /usr/lib/libf2c.a

fthebasec.o is built from fthebasec.c. it is a C wrapper calling
fortran routines and prividing ocaml C custom primitives

fthebase.cmo is customer's Caml code

F*.o is built from fortran77 F*.f sources

The problem is that ocaml first links in the provided
(Fortran's) /usr/lib/libf2c.a and then the caml's

So Fortran's main.o is being loaded, and caml's main.o is not loaded.

The solving hack is to

extract the main.o from /usr/local/lib/ocaml/libcamlrun.a and rename
it as camlmain.o

build the top level with
ocamlmktop -custom -o toplevel camlmain.o fthebase.cmo fthebasec.o F*.o -cclib /usr/lib/libf2c.a

My suggestion is either to document it in the manual, or better to
explicitly provide in /usr/local/lib/ocaml/ the camlmain.o object

I also believe that the caml's /usr/local/lib/libcamlrun.a should be
linked by ocaml before additional -cclib-ed libraries.

I also would like an undocumented -dkeep option which would keep all
temporary files that ocaml creates (gcc has a similar flag
-save-temps). Having such an option would satisfy my curiosity :-) and
probably help debug such problems.

Thanks for all.

N.B. Any opinions expressed here are solely mine, and not of my organization.
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