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Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 19:18:47 MET DST

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Subject: ML Workshop -- Call for Papers
Date: Tue, 05 May 1998 13:18:47 -0400
From: Gregory Morrisett <>

Dear Caml Friends,

Enclosed is a call-for-papers for the 1998 ML Workshop to be held
in conjunction with this year's ICFP. I hope you will participate
and pass this note on to other interested parties.

-Greg Morrisett

                      Preliminary Call for Papers
                 The 1998 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on ML

                To be held in conjunction with ICFP'98
                          September 26, 1998
                    Mt. Washington Conference Center

The ML family of programming languages, whose dialects include Classic ML,
Standard ML, Caml, and Objective Caml, has inspired a tremendous amount
of language research, ranging from type inference to module systems to
operational semantics and implementation. In large part, ML typifies
"HOT" (Higher-Order, Typed) language design and implementation.

Previous ML Workshops have been held in Edinburgh, Pittsburgh,
San Francisco, and Orlando and have covered topics ranging from
applications written in ML, to ML implementation techniques, to
language extensions. The 1998 Workshop will be held in conjunction
with the ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming
in Baltimore, Maryland. The goal of the Workshop is for researchers,
developers, and users to hear about and discuss the latest work on the
use, design, and implementation of ML-like languages.

We seek papers relevant to all ML-related topics including (but not
limited to):

        * applications
        * extensions: objects, classes, concurrency, etc.
        * type systems: inference, modules, specification,
                        error reporting, etc.
        * implementation: compilers, interpreters, partial
                        evaluators, garbage collectors, etc.
        * environments: libraries, tools, editors, debuggers, etc.
        * semantics

Submitted papers should describe new ideas, experimental results, or
informed positions regarding proposals for next-generation ML languages.
In order to encourage lively discussion, submitted papers may describe
work in progress.

An informal proceedings will be published as a Cornell Technical
Report (to be distributed to Workshop participants) and electronically.
  * Xavier Leroy, Inria Rocquencourt
  * David MacQueen, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies

Program Chair:
  Greg Morrisett
  Department of Computer Science
  Cornell University
  Ithaca, NY 14853

Program Committee:
  * Dave Berry, Harlequin Ltd.
  * Mark Lillibridge, Digital Systems Research Center
  * Greg Morrisett, Cornell University
  * John Reppy, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
  * Francois Rouaix, Inria Rocquencourt
  * Peter Sestoft, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark
  * Mads Tofte, DIKU
Important Dates:

  * Submission Deadline: July 10, 1998
  * Notification of acceptance: July 31, 1998
  * Final paper due: August 28, 1998
  * Workshop: September 26, 1998
Submission Procedure:

Technical summaries, in English and not to exceed 5000 words
(approximately 10 pages), should be submitted to the program
chair by Friday, July 10, 1998. To submit, authors should
complete the following two steps by the submission deadline:

  1. Send an email message to containing the title,
     authors' contact information, and an abstract (not to exceed 200
     words) in ASCII.

  2. Send the technical summary itself. The summary may be sent either
     electronically to or via post. In the latter
     case, please send eight (8) hard copies of the paper to the program
     chair (address above).

Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their summaries via email.
Email submissions must be in Postscript form. The Postscript should be
interpretable by Ghostscript, use standard fonts (or include the
necessary fonts), and print correctly on US letter paper (8.5x11 inches).

All submissions must include a return postal address and an electronic
mail address. Receipt of the submissions will be acknowledged within
2 days.

Notification of the acceptance or rejection of papers will be given by
Friday, July 31, 1998. Copies of the papers will be distributed at the
workshop as a Cornell Technical Report.
An up-to-date HTML version of this document will be available at For further
information, contact

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