Byterun question

From: Michael Sperber [Mr. Preprocessor] (
Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 16:39:42 MET DST

Subject: Byterun question
From: (Michael Sperber [Mr. Preprocessor])
Date: 16 Jun 1998 16:39:42 +0200


I'm doing some hacking on the bytecode engine, and there's a bit of
code I don't unterstand:

byterun/fix_code.c refers to STOP as the instructions with the highest =

opcode all over the place. Yet, byterun/instruct.h list EVENT and
BREAK after STOP. Could someone illuminate?

(BTW: Hacking the O'Caml implementation is really a pleasure,
especially compared with other ML implementations I'd rather
leave unnamed ... Thanks, guys!)

-- =

Cheers =8-} Mike
Friede, V=F6lkerverst=E4ndigung und =FCberhaupt blabla

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