Call for libraries (English version)

From: SURLOG (
Date: Mon Jun 22 1998 - 17:01:01 MET DST

Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 17:01:01 +0200
From: SURLOG <>
To: Caml List <>
Subject: Call for libraries (English version)

SERVANTEC-SURLOG is an independent test laboratory which is dedicated to
the evaluation of softwares Quality and Dependability.

SERVANTEC-SURLOG offers a group of competencies and methods to realise
evaluation and control of software dependability to certifier organisms
and constructors.
Moreover, a constant R&D effort allows us to explore softwares
dependability domain upstream from needs expressed by our customers.
Therefore, we develop methods and associated tools to assist evaluation
of software dependability.

At present, we are developing tools supporting our methods in OCaml.
In order to improve these tools, we are looking for OCaml libraries and
tools about the following subjects :
  - generic management of DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph)
  - ODBC interface which can access to Databases (Ingres, ...) using the
ODBC protocol directly from OCaml
  - Tcl/Tk libraries extensions which include the TkEmacs widget or the
TkTree widget
  - tool which gives the call graph from a set of OCaml files.

We put at your disposal a SCCS interface whichallows to make code source
management directly from OCaml (or from Caml). It is based on the SUN
System SCCS tools.

Thanks to contact us by mail. We are at your service in case you should
require more information.

Best regards.

        Philippe Ayrault

Velizy Plus, Bat. E
1 bis, Rue du Petit Clamart
Tel: 01-40-83-00-00  Fax: 01-40-83-18-17

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