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Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 - 04:59:55 MET DST

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Subject: Re: documentation automatique
From: Jae-Youn Chung <>
Date: 28 Aug 1998 11:59:55 +0900
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* Vincent Poirriez <>, 8/27/1998 - 14:39
| I am just reading the new html manual for ocaml 2.0. I appreciate the
| introduction of colours in ocaml presentation.

  let me just ask for a favor of me to html version of manual
  distributors. I believe that emacs with caml mode and html manual is
  a perfect combination for programming in caml.
  In many cases, I really miss for the tools like HyperSpec in common
  lisp community provided from Harlequin which can be browsed directly
  from emacs with small pieces of codes (called hyperspec.el).
  This is possible because HyperSpec html document has
  <a name="blablah"> xx</a> every identifiers so that we can easily
  extract that attributes and write down small elisp code with
  browse-url feature.

  I've tried to extract every function and type and exceptions in O'caml
  manual by observing the patterns but which is not so accurate and in
  some cases failed :(.

  I think html version must been made from latex or something like
  that version. Can anybody add some <a name=XXX> identifiers </a> tag
  during the translations so that emacs users can easily adopt it to
  his/her tastes?

  And one more:
  In common lisp, there's nice manual browsing program, not to mention
  HyperSpec which is really an good job, something like clman which is
  unix *man* like interfaces for lisp functions.
  I believe caml manual can easily convert like that way.

| It should be nice if an automatic documentation tool could be provided
| for ocaml. It should take .ml and/or .mli files correctly documented
| and return a nice latex/html (eventually via HeVeA) docummentation.

  I don't know what you exactly want, but if you want to convert your
  caml code to html with syntax coloring and the like, I'd suggest you
  the htmlize.el in emacs which is written by Hrvoje Niksic <>.
  I believe that converting to latex format is not so hard anyway.
  (Isn't there many packages which converts program code to latex file?)

Chung jay youn

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