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Date: Sat Aug 29 1998 - 22:36:05 MET DST

From: "Adam P. Jenkins" <>
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Subject: RE: documentation automatique
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 16:36:05 -0400
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> | It should be nice if an automatic documentation tool could be provided
> | for ocaml. It should take .ml and/or .mli files correctly documented
> | and return a nice latex/html (eventually via HeVeA) docummentation.
> I don't know what you exactly want, but if you want to convert your
> caml code to html with syntax coloring and the like, I'd suggest you

I think he means something like Javadoc, but for O'Caml instead of Java.
With Javadoc, you put a comment in front of every function or class in your
code, using some special format for the comments, and then run Javadoc with
the source code as input. It extracts the special comments and generates an
HTML document for your code. I've seen several programs like this for C++
also, but not for Caml yet.


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